First to Market: Stratusphere UX App Now Available for IGEL OS12

Get in the Know – reveal blind spots in your digital workspace and enhance user experience

IT admins are having to deal with many challenges on the rocky road to digital transformation. The importance of security, cloud adoption, cost savings, and the rapid evolution of SaaS-based applications is driving organizations to a hybrid workspace that requires different approaches to how endpoints are deployed, used, managed, and controlled.

While the demand for applications is increasing, organizations are choosing to deploy a variety of platforms that bring together a hybrid mix of on-premises, virtual, and cloud-based workspaces in their environments. Whereas users expect more flexibility to work when and where they prefer, on their endpoint devices of choice with applications that ‘just work’.

This shift towards cloud-based workspaces promotes a SaaS approach to deploy applications, which combines a number of components to provide expanded functionality as a service. Therefore, it has become vital to deploy tools that allow organizations to not only get an inventory of their used applications, but also to understand how they are being deployed and used in their environments.

Stratusphere UX monitors application performance by providing detailed metrics and diagnostics data that reveal blind spots to support IT teams and CIOs make data-driven decisions.

Key Features:

Metrics for application performance, device health, and network connectivity.
Detailed device inventory and configuration insights.
Proactive event logs and alerts.
Comprehensive compliance reporting.

Reveal user blind spots

User Persona and Authored Data: Stratusphere UX allows authorized IT admins gain an accurate and granular view into user persona and authored data, enabling them to better understand how users are interacting with their applications and make data-driven decisions to improve performance.

IGEL Ready

We are a longstanding Igel Ready Certified partner and are the first partner to deliver an app on the IGEL APP Portal. The Stratusphere UX app allows our customers and IGEL OS 12 users direct access to deploy the Liquidware Stratusphere UX agent quickly and easily to remote endpoints.

The integration of Liquidware Stratusphere UX with IGEL Cosmos delivers the best digital user experience and maximizes the potential of IGEL solutions by streamlining deployment, updates, and security via Cosmos and with Stratusphere UX delivering enhanced visibility into user, application, and network experiences.

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