FlexApp Application Layering is Beyond Cool! But Where Do I Start?

FlexApp Portable Layers - where do i start

Application Layering has finally come of age. We recently delivered our second generation of FlexApp technology in ProfileUnity with FlexApp v6.5. The new filter driver based approach makes FlexApp more compatible with more desktops than ever before including persistent virtual and physical desktops.

If you are a first time user of Application Layering technology you may be overwhelmed by the choices, you may also be wondering, “which applications should I start with?” In short, just about any application that does not require full application isolation is an GOOD candidate for FlexApp Layering so your options are nearly limitless. However, there are applications that may be more of a pain to manage and maintain than others. These are GREAT candidates for FlexApp. The three types of applications below are suggested starting points that will immediately make your life easier:

  1. Applications with Frequent Updates
  2. Applications that need a DR/HA plan (core / key apps at a minimum)
  3. Applications that require faster storage I/O for better performance

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ProfileUnity with FlexApp Solves School’s Application Delivery Issues

It seems like every day we are hearing more incredible stories from our user community on how ProfileUnity and FlexApp are helping to solve the every day issues and problems. This is another recent one showing the real benefits of FlexApp and its Department Installed Applications (DIA) feature.

An education client of ours with approximately 700 users, uses VDI along with ProfileUnity with FlexApp to deliver Windows applications to students. Continue reading

ProfileUnity and FlexApp Solves Real World Problems

ProfileUnity is an industry leading product of User and Persona management in a physical and virtual environment. When you add FlexApp it brings in the ability to package, manage, and deploy applications. This can be done with User installed Applications (UIA) and Department installed Applications (DIA). It is an enterprise level solution used by many organizations world-wide, solving many different use cases. However sometimes even the simplest real world situations can show the true of power of ProfileUnity and FlexApp and how easily it can help manage your environment and solve problems quickly. Continue reading