Unleash the Power of Liquidware FlexApp One: Trial it QUICK! Over a Cup of Coffee!

You may be sitting at your desk, sipping your favorite cup of coffee right now, and wondering how you can streamline your application management process. Suddenly, you stumble upon Liquidware FlexApp One, and you’re intrigued. What if I told you that trying it out is as easy as taking a coffee break? Yes, you read that right! In this blog, we’re going to explore the exciting world of FlexApp One and how you can get started with it in three simple steps, all while enjoying your daily caffeine fix.

What’s FlexApp One, Anyway?

FlexApp One is a game-changer in the world of application management. It allows you to deploy applications as containers seamlessly on both virtual and physical PCs (even offline!), without the hassle of additional infrastructure, complex management consoles, or time-consuming learning processes. With this approach, you can deploy an app by any means necessary, including Microsoft Intune, a USB stick, a web download, or your organization’s Windows Company Portal. There is NOTHING else like it on the market. It works on any Windows workspace, including Citrix CVAD, VMware Horizon, FRAME Dizzion, Workspot, Amazon Workspaces, HP Anywhere, physical, etc. FlexApp One Session isolation for Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp) is also coming soon!

Additional benefits include zero Windows rot from applications trashing the system, drastically fewer base images to maintain –especially in VDI, DaaS, and multi-session environments, and getting apps out to users in seconds to ensure business continuity.

How to Get Started?

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I try FlexApp One?” We’ve got you covered, and it’s simpler than brewing your morning coffee. After you enter the FlexApp One easy trial site here, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Download FlexApp Packages – Choose one or more FlexApp packages of your choice. These packages are provided as zipped files to ensure that Windows doesn’t block them by default.

Download a FlexApp One Package and try in seconds! https://info.liquidware.com/FlexAppOne.html

Step 2: Run FlexApp One – After downloading, simply double-click the Zip file and then double-click the FlexApp One package. If prompted, click ‘More Info’ → ‘Run Anyway’ & ‘Yes.’ The installation process is a breeze, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Step 3: Activate the FlexApp Container – During the trial, you’ll need admin privileges on your machine to activate the FlexApp Container service. In a production environment, this step is automatic, so no admin privileges are required.

That’s it! You’ve just unlocked the power of FlexApp One over your cup of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do these test packages expire? A: No, these packages are good to run for a year or more, ensuring you have ample time to explore FlexApp One’s capabilities.

Q: How can I package my own apps with FlexApp One? A: You can easily package your own FlexApp and FlexApp One apps. You’ll need to run the FlexApp Packaging Console, preferably on a VM. Be aware that packages you create will expire in 15 days with the trial license. You can download the FlexApp One Packaging console here.

Q: What’s the difference between FlexApp and FlexApp One? A: FlexApp One is a feature of FlexApp. Learn more about their suggested uses here.

Q: How can I trial the full version of FlexApp with the ProfileUnity console? A: You can download a 15-day fully functioning evaluation here.

Ready to Dive In?

FlexApp One is your ticket to hassle-free application management. It’s as easy as enjoying your morning coffee, and with the simple steps outlined above, you can start exploring its power right now. If you want to learn more or need expert guidance in setting up FlexApp One for your environment, Liquidware’s team of experts are just a click away. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your application management – take a sip of FlexApp One today!

VMware Explore 2023 Wrap Up

As I boarded my flight from Dublin to Vegas for VMware Explore 2023, I realized we were at the moment everyone at Liquidware had eagerly anticipated: the launch of CommandCTRL!

In case you missed it, CommandCTRL is our groundbreaking real-time remediation solution that we unveiled at VMware Explore in Las Vegas.

Get all the details here

Day 1

Our experience at VMware Explore kicked off with setting up our impressive 20×20 booth and reuniting with the entire Liquidware team.

We eagerly awaited the start of the hall crawl and were thrilled with the reception at our booth. CommandCTRL drew a lot of attention with multiple demos, and attendees were particularly eager to get one of our exclusive CommandCTRL t-shirts.

VIP Dinner

On Monday evening, we organized a VIP dinner at TAO. This was our way of expressing gratitude to our valued customers, partners, and Inside Track members. It was fantastic to be able to spend time with the EUC Community.

Day 2

The day was filled with insightful discussions about our solutions. CommandCTRL was clearly the talk of the event, and our exclusive t-shirt became a sought-after item during the hall crawl party.

That evening, I had the opportunity to attend the EUC Party, where I was fortunate enough to spend time and interact with partners from Liquidware, members of the Inside Track group and the EUC Community.

Day 3

CommandCTRL continued to be a popular draw and we had lots of engaging conversations with customers, partners, and the EUC community. and we also had some very productive meetings with our Liquidware Ready Partners.
I also attended the EUC Techtalks event and got to hear some great sessions from Inside Track members Jens Hennig, Johan Van Amersfoort and Dane Young.

Team Dinner

While the show gave us a chance to meet and collaborate with our peers. It was also a chance for the onsite team to bond over food and drinks at the Strat, soaking in the breathtaking panoramic views of the Vegas skyline.

Day 4

As the event neared its conclusion, we were ecstatic to learn of our nomination for the Best of VMware Explore TechTarget Awards in the Multi-Cloud and App Modernization category. During the award ceremony, our hard work was recognized with an Honorable Mention in the same category—an impressive feat for a solution launched only on the 21st of August!

Explore the 4 key innovations of our award-winning solution:
ChatGPT-AI Integration: Our product integrates seamlessly with ChatGPT-AI, enhancing its ability to pinpoint and oversee running processes with unmatched precision.
DVR Playback: Our DVR-like playback isn’t mere screen scraping. All crucial DEX telemetry is recorded, allowing users to review the past 30 days and gain profound insights.
SWITCH Feature: CommandCTRL presents a dynamic workspace-switching feature, allowing admin users to smoothly alternate between two distinct workspaces. Diagnose underlying DEX issues in mere seconds!
Protocol Mirroring: Our solution surpasses traditional platforms with a mirroring function, illustrating the communication protocol linking to machine endpoints. Use this tool to co-relate two machines swiftly to determine the root cause.
Experience the potency of CommandCTRL firsthand! We’ve launched a FREE Community Edition. It boasts all the core features but offers 24-hour DVR telemetry and is capped at 5 users.

Try out CommandCTRL here.

Liquidware’s ProfileUnity and FlexApp add significant capabilities to VMware Horizon and Workspace One with the industry’s only fully integrated User Environment Management and Application Layering solution. Liquidware Stratusphere UX delivers robust user experience data that gives IT unparalleled diagnostics and monitoring visibility to resolve user experience challenges fast. With the addition of CommandCTRL we now offer real-time metrics and remediation that gives the ability to dramatically reduce time to resolution.

VMware Explore was an overwhelmingly positive experience. We relished the opportunity to spotlight our innovations, including CommandCTRL, and eagerly anticipate showcasing even more groundbreaking solutions in the future.

FlexApp: Run Portable Windows Applications Everywhere

FlexApp is an innovative attached application layering technology that allows you to run Windows applications anywhere, on any Windows platform, physical, virtual, or cloud. FlexApp helps deliver a great digital employee experience (DEX) to your users and has been an award-winning innovator since 2013.

The Original Applications Everywhere Solution
FlexApp is the only solution that can deliver applications to any Windows desktop environment (including offline laptops) without affecting the underlying base image or operating system. Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Amazon, Dizzion-Frame, and any other Windows workspace environment is supported – giving customers the true ability to run apps anywhere, on any platform, without repackaging or being tied to a desktop virtualization vendor.

FlexApp works by dynamically delivering applications to users’ desktops in real-time without modifying base images. This means that applications are not actually installed on the user’s device. FlexApp also supports offline use, so users can still access their applications even when they are not connected to the network.

FlexApp has won several awards including the top prize in the Best of VMworld Digital Workspace category in recent years.

FlexApp is a powerful solution that can help organizations of all sizes to improve their desktop management. Here are some of the benefits of using FlexApp:

  • Reduces application management costs: FlexApp eliminates the need to manually install, update, and patch applications. This can save organizations a significant amount of time and money.
  • Improves security: FlexApp helps to protect applications from unauthorized access and tampering.
  • Increases user productivity: FlexApp provides a consistent user experience across all devices and platforms. This can help to improve user productivity.
  • Supports a variety of deployment models: FlexApp can be deployed in a variety of ways, including on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments. A feature known as FlexApp One gives packages the ability to be deployed directly with Microsoft Intune or by any other deployment means. FlexApp One packages can also go offline for laptop use.
  • Highly Available (HA) without the hidden costs- FlexApp’s architecture is HA, relying on industry standard VHDX containers which require no elaborate architecture or costly load balancers.
  • Can be context aware: FlexApp can deliver applications based on the user’s location, group, or other factors. This can help to improve efficiency and productivity, as well as security.

If you are looking for a solution to help you run Windows applications everywhere, then FlexApp is the right choice for you. FlexApp is a powerful and versatile solution that can help you to improve your desktop management and save money.

How FlexApp Works

FlexApp works by creating a lightweight, portable application layer that contains all of the files and registry entries that an application needs to run. This application layer is then dynamically delivered to users’ desktops in real time.

FlexApp leverages a system service that communicates between the application layer and the underlying operating system. This allows FlexApp to deliver applications without affecting the base image or operating system. The result is zero Windows rot from the install/uninstall of applications where Windows workspaces run as fast as the day they were first imaged with the base OS.

FlexApp Use Cases

FlexApp can be used in a variety of organizations, including:

  • Education: FlexApp can be used to deliver applications to students and faculty across a variety of devices and platforms. Apps can be delivered based on the user’s location, group, or other factors.
  • Healthcare: FlexApp can be used to deliver applications to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Apps can be delivered based on the user’s role, department, or location.
  • Financial services: FlexApp can be used to deliver applications to traders, bankers, and other financial professionals. Apps can be delivered based on the user’s role, department, or location.
  • Manufacturing: FlexApp can be used to deliver applications to factory workers and other manufacturing employees. Apps can be delivered based on the user’s role, department, or location.
  • Retail: FlexApp can be used to deliver applications to sales associates and other retail employees. Apps can be delivered based on the user’s role, department, or location.

FlexApp is a powerful and versatile solution that can help you to run Windows applications everywhere. If you are looking for a way to improve your desktop management and save money, then FlexApp is the right choice for you.

CommandCTRL: Now Generally Available, Shines as Finalist at VMware Explore!

What an incredible week it has been! Just one week ago, we unveiled CommandCTRL, a cutting-edge real-time remediation DEX (Digital Experience) solution at VMware Explore. The response from attendees was nothing short of remarkable, as TechTarget honored us with the distinction of being a Finalist (Honorable Mention) in the prestigious Best of Show awards. This recognition in the Multi-cloud and App Modernization category affirms that CommandCTRL has emerged as a true contender for organizations seeking an innovative real-time remediation solution.

CommandCTRL captivated the attention of not only event attendees but also industry influencers and editors, thanks to a suite of innovative features that we proudly showcased:

ChatGPT-AI Integration: Our product seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT-AI, empowering it to identify and monitor running processes with unprecedented efficiency.

DVR Playback: The inclusion of a DVR-like playback feature allows users to delve into historical events, gaining valuable insights into what truly transpired during critical moments. This is not screen scraping, it’s better, all integral DEX telemetry is recorded and you can go back in time for 30-days!

SWITCH Feature: CommandCTRL introduces a fluid and intuitive workspace-switching capability, enabling admin support users to seamlessly transition between two distinct workspaces with ease and efficiency. Pinpoint the underlying DEX issue in seconds!

Protocol Mirroring: Our platform goes beyond conventional solutions by offering a mirroring feature that vividly displays the communication protocol connecting to physical machine endpoints. Use this feature to directly compare two machines to determine root-cause quickly.

Community Edition: For those that want to try the full power of CommandCTRL we also launched a FREE Community Edition. It has all the same great features but is limited to 24-hour DVR of telemetry and 5 users.

CommandCTRL’s recognition as a Best of Show Finalist at VMware Explore is a testament to its innovative prowess. This remarkable achievement underscores the product’s potential to revolutionize real-time remediation solutions for organizations across industries. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead as CommandCTRL continues to set new standards and empower organizations to take control of their digital experiences. To those that posted on social media, were briefed first-hand, judged the awards, or attended our booth at VMware Explore, thank you for being a part of this incredible milestone!

Welcome to the Liquidware Slack Community!

I am delighted that we have just completed the launch of our Slack Community.

It has something that I have wanted to do since I joined Liquidware and, with the upcoming release of CommandCTRL, this seems to be the right time to do it.

We’ve had an active online community site for many years, but feel migrating to a Slack channel it will be far more interactive and a better user experience – which is what our products provide to our customers.

We want this to be a rewarding experience for members and they will gain the following benefits:

  • Knowledge Sharing: The Liquidware Slack Community is your go-to platform for tapping into a vast pool of knowledge. Connect with fellow members who are passionate about digital workspace management, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), user experience optimization, end-user computing, and DaaS. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting in the field, our community is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas, best practices, and solutions.
  • Networking Opportunities: Building a strong professional network is crucial in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. By joining our community, you’re instantly connected to a diverse group of professionals from around the world. Forge connections with experts, thought leaders, and peers who can offer fresh perspectives, mentorship, and potential collaboration opportunities.
  • Real-Time Q&A: Have a burning question about workspace monitoring, application layering, performance analytics, or real-time monitoring? In our community, you can get answers in real-time. Our members are eager to help and share their experiences, ensuring that you never feel stuck or isolated in your journey toward workspace excellence.
  • Exclusive Content and Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with access to insider content, such as whitepapers, webinars, and product announcements. Be the first to know about new Liquidware features and releases, enabling you to maximize the value of our solutions within your organization.
  • Interactive Discussions: Engage in insightful discussions on industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices. The Liquidware Slack Community provides a platform to engage in debates, share success stories, and collaborate on innovative solutions to common challenges.
  • Direct access to Liquidware teams: As a member, you can connect directly with Liquidware’s product teams, marketing and community teams, success teams, and more, allowing for direct communication, collaboration, and providing input into new product features.

We want the Community to be more than just a platform; it’s a meeting place for professionals who are passionate about optimizing digital workspaces for enhanced user experiences.

Whether you’re seeking advice, looking to share your knowledge, or simply want to stay updated on industry trends, this community is here to support you every step of the way.

To get started go here to LiquidwareCommunity to sign up today

I look forward to you joining our community!

Building Strong Alliances: Liquidware Launches Liquidware Ready Program

Today marks a significant milestone for Liquidware, a journey that began in 2009, as we proudly introduce the Liquidware Ready Program. It is with immense excitement and gratitude that we embark on this new chapter, solidifying the alliances and partnerships that have been at the heart of our growth and success over the years. This program is not just about leading platform collaboration and vendor verifications; it is about the relationships and joint customers that form the foundation of our shared mission to enable digital workspaces.

As the VP of Alliances and Product Marketing at Liquidware, I have had the privilege of witnessing our partnerships blossom into true collaborations. From the early days when we co-marketed with our esteemed partners to this momentous occasion, we have come a long way. The Liquidware Ready Program is an embodiment of the dedication and commitment we hold towards our customers and partners, ensuring they have the confidence they need to make informed decisions about their digital workspace environments.

The Liquidware Ready Program offers three tiers: Liquidware Ready, Liquidware Ready Verified, and Liquidware Ready Platinum. These tiers cater to the Liquidware readiness of our alliance partners, ensuring that the integration between their solutions and Liquidware’s products is seamless, tested, and ready to empower end-users to reach new heights of productivity.

At the heart of our program lies the trust and collaboration we have with our partners. To the vendors who have been with us every step of the way, thank you for the unwavering support and belief in our vision. Your commitment to excellence and innovation has enabled us to shape the future of digital workspace management together.

The introductory tier, Liquidware Ready, exemplifies our dedication to ensuring compatibility. It involves validation in a joint customer site, demonstrating our joint solutions working hand in hand. Moving a step further, the Liquidware Ready Verified tier involves in-depth integration, rigorous testing, and even development hours invested by Liquidware and the alliance partner. This tier represents the epitome of the seamless collaboration that our customers expect from us.

The Liquidware Ready Program is centered around Liquidware Ready Tracks, encompassing our digital workspace management products – ProfileUnity™, FlexApp™, and Stratusphere™ UX. With our Ready Tracks, we offer assurance to our customers that they can trust in the compatibility and seamless integration of our joint solutions.

Allow me to share some words of appreciation from our valued partners:

Scott Manchester, Microsoft: “We’ve been working closely with Liquidware since the inception of Azure Virtual Desktop. It’s great to see a program that formally validates Liquidware and our solutions working together to deliver our joint customers business benefits in managing their deployments.”

Chris Fleck, Citrix, a business unit of Cloud Software Group: “Liquidware is a long-standing Citrix Ready partner, and it’s good to see them having a reciprocal program that highlights how we best work together.”

Jim Airdo, SVP of Strategic Alliances and IGEL Ready, IGEL Technology: “IGEL and Liquidware have been long-standing partners united in the joint development and delivery of digital workspace solutions that offer superior digital experiences.”

Greg Lambert, Application Readiness: “We’ve recently announced our integration with Liquidware to automate User Acceptance Testing for portable Windows apps containerized with Liquidware FlexApp.”

Brad Rowland, COO, Rimo3: “Rimo3 is pleased to be recognized as a Liquidware Ready partner with such a long-standing EUC technology provider.”

Emanuel Pirker, Stratodesk: “Our partnership with Liquidware is of great benefit to our joint customers. The Liquidware Ready program now extends even further the opportunities to deliver battle-tested and compatible solutions.”

Larry Sweeney, SVP, Global Enterprise Sales, Nerdio: “As the ecosystem around Azure Virtual Desktop continues to grow and mature, it’s great to see programs like this that unite notable vendors and simplify the process of finding and implementing the right management solutions for customers and enterprise partners.”

Phillip Johnson, LG: “Virtual workspaces and Liquidware solutions go hand-in-hand – that’s why we’re pleased to be a Liquidware Ready partner.”

To our Liquidware Ready alliance partners, we stand stronger together, committed to delivering the highest level of value and customer satisfaction. Together, we will continue to innovate and shape the future of digital workspace management.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Learn more at our Liquidware Ready web page.

7 Ways Liquidware FlexApp Perfectly Complements Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

As organizations continue to embrace Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly known as XenApp and XenDesktop), they often encounter challenges related to application delivery, management, and user experience. Liquidware FlexApp is Citrix Ready verified and offers robust a solution to these challenges, making them ideal companions for Citrix environments, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud. I’ve spoken to our partners and customers and refined seven key ways in which Liquidware’s FlexApp and FlexApp One enhance and streamline the user experience and application management in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environments.

Application Layering Made Easy
Liquidware FlexApp continues to introduce more and more enterprises to a groundbreaking approach to application delivery: app attached layering. This technology decouples applications from the underlying operating system, simplifying application management, updates, and compatibility. Instead of installing applications directly onto the base image or individual virtual machines, administrators can package applications in VHDX containers then assign them to specific users or groups based on their requirements.

FlexApp allows IT teams to the possibility of maintaining a single master image for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops while easily customizing the application sets for different user groups. This approach reduces image sprawl, simplifies application updates, and enhances overall image management efficiency.

Reduce Base Images, Streamline Application Updates and Rollbacks
Maintaining several images and related servers to cater to departmental app delivery is commonplace in Citrix environments, it doesn’t have to be that way with FlexApp. FlexApp dynamically attaches applications per user, even in multi-user environments, user A does not see or experience applications that are assigned to user B, and vice versa.

Keeping applications up to date and ensuring that updates don’t disrupt user productivity can be complex in virtualized environments. FlexApp simplifies application updates by allowing IT administrators to update applications within a single application layer/container. This update is then automatically applied to all users who have access to that application, streamlining the update process and ensuring consistency across the environment.

Cloud-Ready Application Delivery
As more organizations migrate their workloads to the cloud, having a flexible and adaptable application delivery solution becomes essential. Liquidware FlexApp seamlessly integrates with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops in both on-premises and cloud-based deployments.

With native support for cloud infrastructure providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), organizations can easily extend their Citrix environments to the cloud while leveraging the benefits of Liquidware’s application layering and user profile management.

FlexApp One
FlexApp features an exclusive alternative delivery format known as FlexApp One. With FlexApp One you can empower users to take apps offline where they can run the app locally on their laptop, regardless of connectivity. FlexApp One packages can also be deployed with popular mainstream software deployment solutions such as Microsoft Intune, Ivanti DSM, or any other software deployment tool.

Seamless User Experience with ProfileUnity
Liquidware ProfileUnity, a companion solution to FlexApp, seamlessly manages user profiles and settings, ensuring consistent experiences across various Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops sessions. ProfileUnity captures and stores user profiles, applications settings, and data, enabling quick and seamless logins from any location or device.

With ProfileUnity, users can enjoy personalized desktop environments regardless of the underlying infrastructure, be it on-premises or in the cloud. This ensures that user settings, configurations, and preferences persist across sessions, improving productivity and user satisfaction. The solution is compatible with Microsoft FSLogix Profiles, giving you an onramp to full user environment management with ProfileUnity.

Optimal Application Performance and Scalability
One of the biggest challenges in virtual desktop environments is achieving optimal application performance and scalability. Liquidware FlexApp significantly addresses these concerns by reducing the IOPS overhead commonly associated with traditional application delivery methods.

FlexApp’s flexibility enables you to place applications that require require low latency and more throughput on faster storage – and free them of being in main image. This approach reduces IOPS in the main image and enables you to use the fastest or most cost-effective storage available.

By leveraging advanced application layering and on-demand delivery, FlexApp ensures that applications load quickly and efficiently for end-users. This reduces the load on the infrastructure and enhances the overall performance and scalability of the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployment, ensuring a smooth experience for users, even during peak usage periods.

Liquidware Innovates while others Imitate
Liquidware has been first to market with a long list of innovations including:

PackageOnce(TM)- Once an app is easily packaged, it works across all supported versions of Microsoft OSs.
On-Demand with Click-to-layer – FlexApp first introduced apps on demand in 2017 with Click-to-layer. With this feature, if an apps is not clicked, it’s not attached.
FastPackaging(TM) – apps can be attached in about the time it takes to install them one time.
High-availability- deliver apps anywhere and anytime without load balancers.
Packaging Automation- unattended package automation. Package hundreds of apps automatically over a weekend while you rest!
FlexApp One- self contained apps as described above.

Liquidware FlexApp is an ideal complement to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, offering revolutionary application delivery and management capabilities. From simplifying application layering and profile management to enhancing application performance and scalability, FlexApp empowers organizations to create seamless, efficient, and flexible virtual desktop environments.

Whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud, FlexApp’s adaptability and user-centric approach make it a perfect fit for organizations seeking to optimize their Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments and deliver a superior end-user experience.

Effortless Application Deployment: Harness the Potential of Liquidware FlexApp One and Nerdio

In the most recent episode of Liquidware Chats, I spoke to Neil McLoughlin, UK and Ireland Field CTO, about the integration between Nerdio and FlexApp One and how it simplifies your application development.

In this blog post, I will go into the details of this integration and the value it delivers to our joint customers.

So what does Nerdio do?

Nerdio is a comprehensive cloud computing solution that specializes in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and IT infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Nerdio simplifies the complexities of cloud management by offering a unified platform for deploying, managing, and scaling IT environments in the cloud. It empowers businesses to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure while reducing the associated costs and complexities. Nerdio’s automation capabilities automate the deployment and management of virtual desktops, servers, and data storage, ensuring a hassle-free cloud experience.

Nerdio’s main solution is Nerdio Manager and it comes in two options – Enterprise and MSP. In terms of the integration with FlexApp One, we will focus on the Enterprise version.

 Nerdio Manager for Enterprise empowers IT professionals to deploy and manage Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 in a simple, secure, and efficient manner. The solution offers various built-in scaling engines, enhanced image and application management capabilities, a ton of automation, simple-to-follow wizards, the concept of Scripted Actions, and much more.


FlexApp One is designed to simplify and streamline application delivery in virtual desktop environments – in this case AVD and Windows 365. FlexApp One is a self-contained (one file) FlexApp package — one app/one file. FlexApps run as native, not isolated, giving FlexApp a very high compatibility rate. The power of FlexApp One is it can be attached to any Windows OS and run as if natively installed, also it can be deployed from any cloud share, including Microsoft Azure. FlexApp One applications can also be accessed offline.

Integration with Nerdio

In terms of integration, Nerdio has a feature called Scripted Actions – these are PowerShell scripts that run either in the context of a Windows VM or an Azure Automation Account. Scripted Actions can be used to extend and customize the functionality of Nerdio Manager. Within the library are a series of FlexApp One scripts that come from the Liquidware FlexApp One repository. Using the scripted actions to deploy FlexApp One you have 3 options:

Hot Add FlexApp One while the user is in session

Hot adding FlexApp One means that you have the ability to deploy the app without logging into the console of the virtual machine or interrupting the user.

Layering FlexApp One during host pool VM deployment

With this, you can configure FlexApps to be hot-added during the deployment of your host pool.

Bake in FlexApp One to the Windows base image

In this option, you can configure the FlexApps to be part of your base image build.


As you can see, our integration with Nerdio Manager is extremely powerful and you have the flexibility to choose the deployment scenario that suits your environment.

The combined solution delivers various benefits including:

  1. Streamlined Application Deployment: The integration enables seamless deployment of applications using FlexApp One’s application layering technology within Nerdio Enterprise Manager. This reduces deployment time and effort while ensuring a consistent user experience.
  2. Efficient Application Updates: FlexApp One’s ability to layer applications allows for efficient updates and patches, minimizing downtime and disruption to end-users. This feature, combined with Nerdio’s robust management capabilities, ensures that applications are up-to-date and secure.
  3. Simplified Management: The integration simplifies application and infrastructure management by providing a unified interface through Nerdio’s centralized management console. Administrators can easily manage application layers, virtual desktops, and servers from a single pane of glass, enhancing efficiency and reducing complexity.
  4. Scalability and Cost Optimization: Nerdio’s auto-scaling capabilities, combined with FlexApp One’s lightweight application delivery, enable businesses to scale their infrastructure and applications according to demand. This scalability eliminates the need for overprovisioning, and optimizes costs while ensuring high performance.
  5. Enhanced User Experience: By seamlessly integrating FlexApp One and Nerdio, end-users can enjoy a consistent and responsive application experience, regardless of their location or device. The integration ensures that applications are delivered efficiently, resulting in improved productivity and user satisfaction.

To learn more check out this video on our YouTube Channel

Enhancing User Experience with Display Protocol Support: CommandCTRL’s Innovative Integration with Dizzion Frame

Following a momentous announcement from the Frame team on their collaboration with Dizzion, we at Liquidware have been diligently developing innovative technologies to further enhance our support for Frame. The intersection of Frame’s solid technology with its dedicated team members is genuinely invigorating, and we are thrilled about the potential growth avenues this integration can explore.

In light of this development, we focused on two significant upgrades to bolster Frame’s integration into our help desk remediation solution, CommandCTRL™.

Firstly, we’ve introduced a mapping process that aligns the user’s authentication Universal Principal Name (UPN) to the Frame control plane, integrating this directly into our system. This innovation solves a pervasive problem encountered by many users utilizing non-domain joined Frame. Under regular circumstances, once users sign into the Windows session, the operating system, being non-domain joined, would default to a generic username such as ‘Frame’. Consequently, products that interact with Windows and its sessions would be overwhelmed by a sea of users called ‘Frame’ — a scenario that severely impedes the efficient execution of help desk tasks.

By overlaying the authenticated UPN on the system, we’ve created a method where you can search and filter by the user’s unique UPN. This system effectively cuts through the multitude of ‘Frame’ usernames, ensuring a precise and quick identification process for each user. This feature will prove particularly useful when troubleshooting a user’s issues.

Secondly, we’ve extended our support to include Frame’s remote display protocol within CommandCTRL. This addition augments our existing vast range of display protocol support that already includes RDP, PCoIP, Blast, and HDX. The incorporation of Frame support means that help desk administrators can now access fundamental protocol metrics that directly impact the user experience. This includes real-time, every 3-second updates on latency, bandwidth, and frames per second. These metrics are also available in our history mode, which provides a 10-second sample going back 30 days.

Another exciting feature within our remote display protocol support is ‘metric mirroring’. If you have the CommandCTRL agent installed on both the physical endpoint and in the hosted desktop, we will mirror the display protocol on the physical endpoint’s dashboard. This unique feature enables the comparison of end-user WiFi metrics side by side with the display protocol, eliminating the need to have both machines open side by side in browser tabs. This enhancement significantly improves the user experience when using CommandCTRL.

We’re eager to announce that the remote display protocol will be included in our next beta release, scheduled for about a month from now. Subsequently, it will become a permanent feature as part of the General Availability (GA) launch we plan to carry out in Q3.

At Liquidware, we remain committed to innovating and developing digital workspace management solutions that provide seamless experiences and superior support for our users. Stay tuned for more updates!

Experience Next-Level Process Identification: CommandCTRL Unveils Game-Changing ChatGPT Integration

Liquidware’s CommandCTRL is excited to announce the latest beta feature: ChatGPT integration for efficient process identification! With this powerful addition, users can easily determine the purpose and origin of unfamiliar processes consuming system resources. Say goodbye to manual searches and embrace the convenience of AI-assisted process identification.

It’s a common experience for users to encounter unknown processes while using Windows Task Manager or CommandCTRL’s enhanced Task Manager, which samples data every 3 seconds. Traditionally, the go-to solution has been to search the process name online to learn about its function and manufacture. However, we recognized the need for a faster and more intuitive method, leading us to integrate ChatGPT into CommandCTRL.

Here’s how to set up and use ChatGPT in CommandCTRL:

Sign up for an OpenAI account to obtain access to OpenAI API keys at https://platform.openai.com/overview. After signing up, set up a billing account for the API keys.

Log in to your CommandCTRL tenant and navigate to “Settings” on the left-hand side. Click on “Tenant and Site.” In the “Site” section, you’ll find “3rd Party APIs” and “OpenAI.” Enter your API key and Organization ID under “OpenAI.”

With OpenAI enabled, your CommandCTRL Task Manager’s “Processes” tab will display an OpenAI icon next to each process. Clicking this icon sends a query to ChatGPT, providing information about the selected process, including the manufacturer, description, and manufacturer’s website.

To minimize ChatGPT queries and reduce costs, CommandCTRL stores query results in a global cache for 90 days, accessible by all tenants. By enabling ChatGPT, you can take advantage of this crowdsourced cache to save on query costs.

As AI technology continues to evolve, we plan to incorporate more AI-driven features within CommandCTRL to help our customers work smarter, not harder. Stay tuned for further enhancements that will revolutionize the way you manage and remediate.

Here is a link to setup a beta tenant https://ccbeta.liquidware.com/. Corporate and personal email addresses are welcomed.