Folder Redirection in ProfileUnity, This “Ain’t” your Father’s Group Policy!

I often get asked about our Folder Redirection feature-set in ProfileUnity. The most common question about this is, “How is ProfileUnity’s Folder Redirection better than folder redirection with Microsoft Group Policies?” Folder Redirection is just one of ProfileUnity’s many feature-sets but it is a powerful ally for today’s System Administrators. Continue reading

User Management – The Easy Choice Even if you Don’t do VDI (Virtual Desktops)

Windows. For all of the critique against it and Microsoft, it still runs the desktops of businesses everywhere. It’s true that Apple has made some inroads in getting hardware on the desktops of many businesses, but the Windows desktop continues to be the standard for application delivery and is at the core of user productivity. Even many of the Apple laptops that have been adopted by businesses in recent years run a virtualized session of Windows to give businesses a level playing field to deliver core applications so business can get done. Continue reading

Why In The World Are You Using Microsoft® USMT For Windows® XP Migrations?

Okay, so this blog post has been quite a while in the making, mostly because I was having a hard time believing the facts on this one, i.e., that organizations are still planning Windows XP migrations using USMT. And right off the bat, I should make it clear that this is NOT a VDI post – it is a desktop post – meaning this time, I’m talking about one of the most common projects/problems that every desktop administrator has to take on at some point – mass migrations from an existing OS to a new one. Continue reading