Liquidware Labs and VMware Horizon 6

As traditional desktops continue to morph and become less dependent on hardware, we have seen increasing adoption of the term “workspace” to describe what people experience on their devices.  Probably a more appropriate term would be “software-defined workspace,” which more clearly evokes a flexible and portable structure that represents the future of the desktop. Continue reading

The Software Defined Workspace

Back in July last year i tweeted something about the Software Defined Workspace™ – and i guess coined the phrase in the context of what we are up to here at Liquidware Labs. I am in fact a self proclaimed fanboy for SDx (software defined anything) because i have lived, for the past 25 years at least, in a world where just about every problem we faced was solved by HARDWARE. More hardware, faster hardware, cheaper hardware. And the paradox of Moore’s law is that while this worked in solving the performance related issues, wants, need we all had, and our users all had – its unintended consequence was sprawl, and creating a world where scale began to work against us. And it, to this very day, works very hard, Daily in fact, to make our jobs as desktop administrators very very difficult. Continue reading

Flex-IO – Hello World !

You need 25K extra IOPS? We’ve got you covered!
What happens in “The Labs” seldom stays in The Labs – For Good Reason!!

When we launched Liquidware Labs, almost five years ago, there were challenges and gaps in VDI platforms that you could drive a truck through.  Only the hardiest of early adopters were willing to undergo the pains of rethinking, re-learning and re-architecting new ways of delivering Windows workspaces. In 2009, VDI was not only hard to do, it was also extremely expensive, and after all the effort and cost, the results were often less than spectacular.   Far from getting the robust and streamlined provisioning and performance out of their VDI systems that they expected, many organizations incurred cost overruns and roadblocks which stalled their projects. Continue reading

The Well Managed Workspace, and the Importance of STATE.

The Well Managed Workspace, and the Importance of STATE.

 I was asked to contribute to a number of the industries PREDICTIONS for 2013 – and this year, for the first time in a long time, I politely declined – citing my need to give this whole market and the explosion of technologies a bit more thought.

Ten days late or so, there are a number of significant trends and some new thoughts that have formed in my mind in speaking with alliances, partners, and customers around the world over the past 20 years. Continue reading

Long Distance Desktops – Branch Office Operations

Almost since the advent of PC use in business, managing growing populations of diverse desktop devices and their connectivity into networks, has been a fundamental challenge to IT staff.    This task has grown in complexity over the years as workers become increasingly mobile and many more of them operate remotely in field or branch operations. The number of branch offices has been estimated to be roughly 11 million, with almost 80% of employees staffing locations other than a primary business campus. Continue reading