I was told there would be no math !!!

I remember those days back in school when my teacher would ramble at the chalkboard explaining some new concept or theory and then my marveling at the equations she used to document the solution. Simple. Beautiful.  I was (and am) a math nerd.


If you can measure it – you can manage it. Andy Grove @Intel


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Do You Dare to Compare?


If you check in from time to time on what Liquidware Labs is up to, you probably know we just recently released our Enterprise Class Application Layering solution FlexApp. You probably also know that the award winning ProfileUnity 6.5 is replacing legacy, overpriced, and complex User Environment Management strategies and solutions at a rapid rate. You also have probably seen tweets and heard stories about the massive scale Stratusphere UX is achieving inside and across the enterprise.

In fact – when measured by almost every — or any — conceivable metric – (cost, complexity, features, performance, scalability, updates, roadmap, etc.) the Liquidware Labs Essentials Suite (ProfileUnity, FlexApp, and Stratusphere) pummels the competition. We don’t just click a few extra boxes mind you – we set a new standard for our competition.   We are the ONLY company out there who is truly weaving workspace environment management into a solid integrated approach that applies across ALL desktops in an environment.   Who truly wins?  Customers and Partners.

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The Golden Age of the Golden Image

Anyone who has suffered and snickered through my previous blogs will know I am a huge fan of “stateless” computing. Namely  – the removal of all user state from the device that is in your hands or at your fingertips.  Incrementally – we all (ecosystem) have been trending this way though many are calling it other things with “cloud or XaaS” getting the most mileage. Continue reading

Liquidware Labs on Tour with Nutanix

Hitch hiker on deserted road

Hitch hiker on deserted road

Ahhh….the open road.

There really is nothing like getting out of the office and meeting face to face with with great partners, new and old peers, and of course customers.  Being a small company – when the opportunity arose to join hyper-converged superstar Nutanix on its .Next 100 City Tour – we jumped as high as we could 😉 We will be at a select number of cities – and can’t wait to meet YOU.

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Citrix [+] Nutanix (x) Liquidware Labs = Win

I remember the first time I saw vMotion invoked – you got this sense that no matter how the movie played itself out – things had changed, for the better, forever. Nothing would be the same again. Then I remember seeing my first Riverbed Steelhead cold and hot pass and watching a 400mb file transfer, over a rusty, latent, and small link in the blink of an eye. We called it PFM at the time – Pure F#%king Magic. Indeed.
Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.57.46 AM

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Liquidware Labs and VMware Horizon 6

As traditional desktops continue to morph and become less dependent on hardware, we have seen increasing adoption of the term “workspace” to describe what people experience on their devices.  Probably a more appropriate term would be “software-defined workspace,” which more clearly evokes a flexible and portable structure that represents the future of the desktop. Continue reading