Death, Taxes and The Evolution of the Enterprise Desktop – are you prepared?

In life we all know a few things are for certain — besides the obvious “death and taxes” —  another certainty is that there will also ALWAYS be change.

This maxim can especially be applied to the IT industry and certainly about the desktop/workspace/user/BYOD/DAAS/VDI/SAAS landscape we are seeing morph before our eyes. All of these options certainly raise plenty of questions to an organization trying to figure out what their go-forward desktop strategy should look like.

“How do I get started?”Be-Prepared-BoyScouts

“What are the best options for me now and in the long-term?”

“How do I keep from making expensive mistakes?”

“Am I actually PREPARED to act on my decisions when I want to or more importantly when I NEED to?”

Just as with any major decision in life, whether it is to buy a home, start a family, choose a college for your child, you typically need to assess where you are today, lay out the plan going forward, and ask yourself:  are you fully prepared for this upcoming change if you move forward? 

  • To buy a home – Do you have a proper down payment, acceptable credit scores, redefined budget to accommodate mortgage payment, taxes, etc.?
  • To start a family – Do you have proper medical insurance coverage, a plan for childcare, education on child birth and early childhood, etc.?
  • To choose a college – Does your child have acceptable GPA, SAT scores, extracurricular activities, do you have proper savings/loans in place, etc.?

Interestingly enough, none of the above scenarios allow for instant action to be taken, as we all know they require proper investigation, preparation and planning. Basically you need to get your current situation in order before you can or should really take any action on your decision. Without having the proper “foundation” built for that decision it could be impossible or at least much harder to execute on that decision.

  • If you found the house of your dreams, have good credit and you can afford the monthly mortgage, but you never saved for the down payment – you should not move forward.
  • If you have decided with your spouse that you want to have a baby and you have worked out childcare, taken education classes but you don’t have proper insurance – you should not move forward.
  • If you have found the perfect college for “Billy” and he has the grades and test scores to be accepted but you don’t have the loans approved or money available you should not move forward

If you were fully prepared in all 3 cases — you would have the ultimate flexibility to buy the perfect home on your terms, start a family on your terms, send your child to the preferred college on your terms — similarly ,why wouldn’t you also want to be fully prepared to execute on your company’s future desktop strategy on your terms?

It isn’t any surprise that this notion also applies to a company’s desktop strategy decision.  There are numerous articles and white papers written about Assessment, Desktop Transformation, Windows 10 readiness, etc., that educate companies on the investigation and planning process of making that decision for their future strategy — but what steps can you take TODAY with your current desktops to build that “foundation” so you are prepared to actually execute on the go-forward decision when the time is right? solid-foundation-e1392596629645

Liquidware Labs can help all companies build that “foundation” and be fully prepared for whatever decision they make regarding their desktop strategy. We can do this by providing ultimate desktop flexibility by getting your current “Users Under Management” with ProfileUnity and our “Anytime Migration” use case. 

Think of getting “Users Under Management” as the core foundation to any desktop decision/strategy — it’s very similar to the down payment for the home, proper medical insurance for child birth, or the loan/savings for college tuition. When you have those pieces in place in life – you can investigate, plan and MOVE forward with confidence on any decision when you want or even need to make.

Similarly when you have all your current physical “Users Under Management” you can investigate, plan and easily execute on any desktop strategy moving forward. ProfileUnity provides centralized management of the user, regardless of platform, and allows for seamless migration of users to any operating system, any VDI offering,  any application publishing option, new physical machines, or even any cloud or DAAS offering.  As a bonus, you now have an integral component of and are prepared to finally launch a complete desktop disaster recovery plan.

Once you experience ProfileUnity you’ll realize what thousands of other customers have realized as well – you are finally past all of the corruption, bloat and performance issues you have experienced with Roaming Profiles and Folder Redirection or even other basic solutions. ProfileUnity provides the flexibility for users to seamlessly move back and forth across different desktop platforms at any time so testing and implementing your future desktop strategy will be much easier with this solution in place.

In addition, because ProfileUnity offers an advanced, sophisticated feature set it will also give you the ability to control how users access system resources depending on who they are, where they are and how they log in.  You have much more control on users’ activities within your desktop infrastructure, thus preventing potential security breaches, easing the burden on helpdesk calls and greatly simplifying overall user management.

Going back to the major life decision scenarios one last time, when you think of these “foundations” in real-world scenarios, I think we can all agree that they are the “right thing” to have in place even if a decision is not imminent. You should have money saved regardless of whether you plan to buy a home or send a child to college and you should have proper medical insurance regardless of planning a family. The same principal should also apply to your current desktop environment – you should have proper management and disaster recovery in place for your current physical users whether a major change is imminent or not – it is the “right thing” to do and we can help you be prepared and build your “foundation”.

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