FlexApp Integration with Amazon AppStream 2.0

At the end of 2018, the Amazon AppStream 2.0 team released a new dynamic application framework feature that allows third party tools to help manage application entitlements and deliveries in real time.

Liquidware is excited to announce that both ProfileUnity and FlexApp are the first solutions to take advantage of the new dynamic application framework from Amazon AppStream 2.0.

What is Amazon AppStream 2.0?

AWS AppStream 2.0 is a ground-breaking application platform that provides robust, scalable publishing and hosting capabilities from the cloud.

Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed application streaming service that provides users with instant access to their desktop applications from anywhere. AppStream 2.0 manages the AWS resources required to host and run your applications, scales automatically, and provides access to your users on demand. AppStream 2.0 provides users access to the applications they need on the desktop device of their choice, with a responsive, fluid user experience that is indistinguishable from natively installed applications.”  AppStream 2.0 Description

Here is a really cool video from Amazon showing how AppStream 2.0 works !!

Why Amazon AppStream 2.0?

Application publishing is not a new concept by any stretch. As a matter of fact, you might think this looks and sounds like platforms like Citrix XenApp. Ironically you would not be completely wrong to feel that way.

The Amazon team built AppStream 2.0 a few years ago, and ultimately created competition with XenApp. The prime difference being that AppStream 2.0 is directly built on top of state-of-the-art AWS infrastructure.  At the end of the day this is not really a bad thing. Competition always has a way of making better technology for the enterprise through further innovation.

How does AppStream 2.0 work?

  • Administrators are presented with the ability to create “image builder” instances to serve as a baseline for the application publishing
  • Application binaries are installed natively within the AppStream 2.0 image builder instances for presentation to the corresponding users from an HTML 5 browser.
  •  “Fleets” can be created to adjust for scale based on user demand
  • Often based on application counts, image management within AppStream 2.0 can become cumbersome over time based on either the number of supported images or the number of natively installed applications.
  • This is very similar to the same management overhead challenges that Citrix XenApp experiences
  • AppStream 2.0 developers built a new feature called “Dynamic Apps” that allows 3rd party tools to integrate with the platform

dynamic apps

How does FlexApp and ProfileUnity integrate with AppStream 2.0?

  • FlexApp integration with AppStream 2.0 alleviates image management challenges by reducing the need for natively installed applications within the image builder instances.
  • FlexApp redirects the native application installs into virtual disks that essentially make the applications portable.
  • FlexApp Layers are attached like puzzle pieces during the boot process of the image builder instance, user login, or a new post login Click to Layer feature process.
  • As users connect to their AppStream 2.0 environment, they are presented with standard applications and FlexApp Layers at the same time, thus optimizing the overall experience as well as reducing the management overhead for AppStream 2.0 administrators

AS2 user

AppStream 2.0 developers also built a new shared image feature as an efficient way to reuse customized image builder instances.

Liquidware is excited to announce that we have created a new FlexApp Packaging Console shared image, available within AppStream 2.0. This new feature will provide an efficient, scalable, repeatable FlexApp packaging environment that contains all run times, Liquidware customizations and overall best practices guidance for enterprise use right out of the gate.  To gain access to this an any of the new AppStream 2.0 and FlexApp features don’t hesitate to contact your Liquidware representative for more details.

There is New Content available to help you get started with both FlexApp and AppStream 2.0 !!

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For question regarding either FlexApp or AppStream 2.0 integration please do not hesitate to contact us:



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