RE:Invent session GPSTEC316 featuring Liquidware Solutions

Amazon RE:Invent 2017 is right around the corner and I am excited to announce that I have been selected to co present during a session this year. Justin Bradley, one of the top solution architects from the Amazon EUC space and we will be presenting session GPSTEC316 titled “GPS: Image management Best Practices for Amazon WorkSpaces and AppStream2.0“.

The session will be focused on Amazon Workspaces deployment and implementation best practices. The entire Liquidware solutions stack will be featured as part of the session.

Liquidware will also have a presence on the exhibitors show flow in the LG booth #2040. We are excited to be expanding our partnership with LG. Look for some additional announcements over the coming weeks.


As a primer Liquidware is excited to integrate with the Amazon Workspaces platform in the following ways:

Environmental Profiling

The Stratusphere UX monitoring and endpoint visibility platform can be leveraged within the Amazon Workspaces platform to identify and establish performance baselines and best practices. Additionally, as enterprises adopt Amazon Workspaces, identifying existing endpoint resource requirements becomes a critical first step. Allocating Cloud workload “Tiers” or “Bundles” is less of a burden if you already have resource trend analysis from within your existing environment.

User Profile Migration and Management

As enterprises adopt Public cloud platforms like Amazon Workspaces, and number of decision points come into focus. How can we migrate our existing user profiles into the cloud? Equally important, How can we migrate user profiles and data between Cloud Tiers or Bundles? ProfileUnity from Liquidware can seamlessly harvest existing user profiles and data and makes it portable so that it can follow the users as they log into the new Amazon Workspaces desktop. Additionally, now that the users profile is portable via ProfileUnity, the user can simply to shift over to a new or different Tier or Bundle.

Application LifeCycle Management

Application Management continues to be of critical importance as enterprises adopt Public cloud platforms. In addition to the Amazon Workspaces desktop platform, Amazon has also been building an application hosting platform called AppStream. Liquidware is excited to integrate with AppStream by making individual FlexApp layers available for presentation to users through AppStream, as well as Amazon Workspaces.

Coming Soon

Over the coming weeks Liquidware will be announcing support for Cloud Storage platforms like S3 from Amazon. Phase 1 will focus on ProfileUnity integration with S3, where Phase 2 coming early 2018 will focus on FlexApp integration with S3.

Additionally, ProfileUnity will integrate with the new and expanding Amazon Workdocs platform. Essentially, Workdocs is the “DropBox” equivalent from Amazon, whereby syncing documents and data stored on S3, available across any Amazon Workspaces instance.


Stay tuned for additional announcements about the exciting updates coming from Liquidware. If you are attending Amazon RE:Invent 2017, don’t forget to check out the EUC based sessions including GPSTEC316 with Justin Bradley and myself.  Additionally, come visit us at the LG booth #2040 on the RE:Invent vendor show floor.

See you in Vegas !!!

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