ProfileUnity with FlexApp Solves School’s Application Delivery Issues

It seems like every day we are hearing more incredible stories from our user community on how ProfileUnity and FlexApp are helping to solve the every day issues and problems. This is another recent one showing the real benefits of FlexApp and its Department Installed Applications (DIA) feature.

An education client of ours with approximately 700 users, uses VDI along with ProfileUnity with FlexApp to deliver Windows applications to students.

One of the school’s instructors wanted to  use the a free software download called  GeoGebra, an Interactive geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus application, in a classroom exercise for his students to access the very next day.  The instructor contacted IT to see if there was any possibility to have GeoGebra available for the class – essentially overnight.  In the past, updating applications to the base image had required advance notice of weeks.

To quickly provision the application and avoid installing the application in the base VDI image and regression testing the desktop applications, IT installed it as a FlexApp.  Then with ProfileUnity, the application was marked for delivery and immediately available for the students when they logged on.  The solution was fast and had no danger of clobbering any of the other applications in the base VDI image.

The end result was the instructor was able to have the students use GeoGebra in the classroom setting and to support his lecture with a hands-on practical exercise to significantly enhance the students’ learning experience.  The IT team was able to deploy this application overnight (something unheard of with shared VDI images and legacy desktops) and avoid a lot of red tape, regression testing and pool re-composition that would have been needed if they were to implement the application directly into the base image.

This is another example and true story using VDI and ProfileUnity FlexApp to reliably deliver windows applications to users.

ProfileUnity is an industry leading product of User and Persona management in a physical and virtual environment. When you add FlexApp it brings in the ability to package, manage, and deploy applications. This can be done with User installed Applications (UIA) and Department installed Applications (DIA). For additional information on ProfileUnity and FlexApp you can reference the ProfileUnity Product Page.

David Bieneman

Liquidware Labs

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