Dare To Compare — You’ll be Glad You Did!

Hi, I am Chris Akerberg, President and COO of Liquidware Labs. I’ve never been one to write blogs but I felt compelled to share a few of my thoughts during this very exciting time in our market space. You’ve probably been hearing a lot of noise about upcoming innovations from the key players in desktop technologies.  All this noise, for us, is great news. We are happy the market is getting further educated on the true value of cutting-edge developments in User Environment Management,  Application Layering and End-user Visibility.  Today, VMware has given this feature set a specific name ( Workspace Environment Management).  Whatever you want to call it we have believed for years these key elements would be needed to successfully deploy VDI – especially non-persistent VDI — remember those debates during VMworld 2013 spearheaded by Gunnar Berger?dare2compare2015 However, the reality is that, we at Liquidware Labs have been quietly and confidently promoting this vision and executing on this strategy since our inception in 2009.  It is validating and exciting to see the market “heat up” recently over these core pillars of VDI and desktop management.  We haven’t been making noise, but we’ve been making some serious progress. And we ask that you “Dare To Compare” us against any other offerings on the market today.  You can trial and learn more about our Essentials Suite Bundle or TRY 25 FREE licenses today. You will be glad you did.Over the past few years, we’ve steadily more than doubled our business. We did this by keeping our heads down creating what we believe will be the most complete, cost-effective solutions on the market to help users achieve VDI success. We’re proud to be able to call many of the largest VMware and Citrix clients in the world ours as well. We know this is just the “tip of the iceberg” and what we have seen in the past few years will be dwarfed by the business coming in the near future. It is a great time for everyone in this market – both vendors and customers alike with technology rapidly evolving to make the obstacles to desktop transformation a thing of the past! We are thrilled as a company to be on the cusp of releasing ProfileUnity 6.5 w/ FlexApp 2.0, which will be the only fully integrated UEM and Application Layering solution on the market.  It will also be by far the most cost-effective solution that will also be completely agnostic working across all delivery platforms. Coupled with our market leading end-user monitoring solution Stratusphere UX — we, without a doubt have “raised the bar” on what clients should expect from a vendor to solve their issues in this space. We take a practical and logical approach to our business.  We know clients want and need proven solutions that are “easy to deploy and use,” that solve “real world issues” and are available at very “cost effective prices.”  If you give our solutions a try you will quickly see this to be true – whether you are just starting on your VDI journey, looking to expand it, currently having performance issues or maybe just looking to better manage your physical PCs – we can help all across the board. We believe that once you “Dare to Compare” us to all your other options you will find that we truly have the most complete, feature-rich and affordable solutions for next generation desktops because we are focused on building the right solutions for our partners and customers.

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