Stratusphere UX 5.7 Sparkline Dashboards Common Workflows

With the release of Stratusphere UX 5.7, new Sparkline Graph dashboards have been introduced to the Advanced Inspectors. A Sparkline is a small line graph, which shows the variations in data over a defined period. It is meant to be succinct and pointed but provide meaningful information. That is exactly what the Stratusphere UX Sparkline graphs do. They look at key metrics across a number of different dashboards to provide relevant information of your environment that help guide you to identify possible issues and their associated root cause.


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Four Ways to Regain Control of Persistent VDI (and Physical) Desktops Today

Liquidware Labs is known in the market for removing the barriers to run efficient, low maintenance, non-persistent (stateless) desktops in VDI. start-taking-control-666x500What you may not know is that we offer compelling features to help you efficiently manage persistent (stateful) and physical desktops as well.

For whatever reason, you’ve decided to deliver persistent VDI (VMware Horizon, Citrix XenDesktop, etc) desktops to your users. A persistent desktop is very much like a physical desktop. By being stateful, persistent desktops are more dependent on storage, and users can easily install and modify the desktops as they wish. Coincidentally, these are arguably also drawbacks when going persistent. Continue reading

FlexDisk, a Robust VMDK Delivery System

In just a few weeks, Liquidware Labs will go live with the introduction of FlexDisk, heralding a new evolution in User Management.  ProfileUnity with FlexApp already boasts some of the fastest logon times and smoothest Application Layering in the industry.  However, even our own current impressive performance will pale in comparison to ProfileUnity User Environment Management with new FlexDisk technology.  FlexDisk, planned for release in ProfileUnity v6.5 in Q1 2015, will deliver the entire user profile and application layers to both persistent and non-persistent desktops with unmatched speed and flexibility. Continue reading