CommandCTRL Clinches Best Windows Endpoint Security & Threat Intelligence Product Award

We are thrilled to share that Liquidware’s CommandCTRL has been honored by Redmond Magazine as the Best Windows Endpoint Security & Threat Intelligence solution of 2023​. This recognition, bestowed by a leading voice of the Microsoft IT community, underscores the robust capabilities of CommandCTRL in delivering top-notch security and threat intelligence.

It is through our relentless commitment to innovation and security excellence that CommandCTRL has been able to stand out among a competitive lineup, showcasing its powerful real-time metrics, diagnostics, and remediation capabilities

Features of CommandCTRL:

CommandCTRL Liquidware’s first SaaS-based solution is full of innovations including CommandCTRL Switch, DVR-like Playback Mode, and Process Identification with ChatGPT, which offer real-time insights and control over endpoint security.

CommandCTRL Switch creates a relationship between an endpoint and a Cloud Desktop allowing administrators to seamlessly switch and navigate between two distinct desktop environments. By effortlessly switching between these platforms, administrators gain comprehensive insights into performance metrics, identify areas of concern, and diagnose performance-related issues.

DVR -like Playback Mode captures up to 7 days history so admins can see exactly what occurred in the environment at specific dates and times. This is incredibly helpful in the troubleshooting process and dramatically reduces the time to resolution.

Process Identification for ChatGPT delivers efficient process identification. With this powerful feature, users can easily determine the purpose and origin of unfamiliar processes consuming system resources. Say goodbye to manual searches and embrace the convenience of AI-assisted process identification.

Furthermore, CommandCTRL’s real-time remediation solution significantly accelerates the resolution time of issues, boosting productivity and enhancing user satisfaction​.The inclusion of multi-factor authentication and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) fortifies the security framework, ensuring a robust defense against potential threats​​.

Integration with Azure Marketplace:

We are also excited to announce that CommandCTRL is now available on Azure Marketplace. This integration facilitates a streamlined deployment process, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure or setup​

Check it out here

CommandCTRL for Azure and W365 Deployments

The adaptability of Liquidware solutions, including CommandCTRL, with AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) and Windows 365 deployments, offers a transformative approach to virtual desktop delivery​6​. The integration of CommandCTRL with Windows 365 extends enhanced monitoring capabilities, ensuring a seamless operational flow​​. In harmony with Liquidware FlexApp, CommandCTRL optimizes the management and delivery of applications within AVD and Windows 365 environments, fostering a more flexible and efficient user experience​.

The recent accolade from Redmond Magazine serves as a testament to the superior security and threat intelligence capabilities embodied by CommandCTRL. Its availability on Azure Marketplace and the seamless integration with AVD and Windows 365 deployments underline its pivotal role in modern digital workspace management. We invite our readers to explore CommandCTRL on Azure Marketplace and discover how it can significantly augment the security landscape of your AVD and Windows 365 deployments.

Check out CommandCTRL here

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