Effortless Application Deployment: Harness the Potential of Liquidware FlexApp One and Nerdio

In the most recent episode of Liquidware Chats, I spoke to Neil McLoughlin, UK and Ireland Field CTO, about the integration between Nerdio and FlexApp One and how it simplifies your application development.

In this blog post, I will go into the details of this integration and the value it delivers to our joint customers.

So what does Nerdio do?

Nerdio is a comprehensive cloud computing solution that specializes in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and IT infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Nerdio simplifies the complexities of cloud management by offering a unified platform for deploying, managing, and scaling IT environments in the cloud. It empowers businesses to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure while reducing the associated costs and complexities. Nerdio’s automation capabilities automate the deployment and management of virtual desktops, servers, and data storage, ensuring a hassle-free cloud experience.

Nerdio’s main solution is Nerdio Manager and it comes in two options – Enterprise and MSP. In terms of the integration with FlexApp One, we will focus on the Enterprise version.

 Nerdio Manager for Enterprise empowers IT professionals to deploy and manage Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 in a simple, secure, and efficient manner. The solution offers various built-in scaling engines, enhanced image and application management capabilities, a ton of automation, simple-to-follow wizards, the concept of Scripted Actions, and much more.


FlexApp One is designed to simplify and streamline application delivery in virtual desktop environments – in this case AVD and Windows 365. FlexApp One is a self-contained (one file) FlexApp package — one app/one file. FlexApps run as native, not isolated, giving FlexApp a very high compatibility rate. The power of FlexApp One is it can be attached to any Windows OS and run as if natively installed, also it can be deployed from any cloud share, including Microsoft Azure. FlexApp One applications can also be accessed offline.

Integration with Nerdio

In terms of integration, Nerdio has a feature called Scripted Actions – these are PowerShell scripts that run either in the context of a Windows VM or an Azure Automation Account. Scripted Actions can be used to extend and customize the functionality of Nerdio Manager. Within the library are a series of FlexApp One scripts that come from the Liquidware FlexApp One repository. Using the scripted actions to deploy FlexApp One you have 3 options:

Hot Add FlexApp One while the user is in session

Hot adding FlexApp One means that you have the ability to deploy the app without logging into the console of the virtual machine or interrupting the user.

Layering FlexApp One during host pool VM deployment

With this, you can configure FlexApps to be hot-added during the deployment of your host pool.

Bake in FlexApp One to the Windows base image

In this option, you can configure the FlexApps to be part of your base image build.


As you can see, our integration with Nerdio Manager is extremely powerful and you have the flexibility to choose the deployment scenario that suits your environment.

The combined solution delivers various benefits including:

  1. Streamlined Application Deployment: The integration enables seamless deployment of applications using FlexApp One’s application layering technology within Nerdio Enterprise Manager. This reduces deployment time and effort while ensuring a consistent user experience.
  2. Efficient Application Updates: FlexApp One’s ability to layer applications allows for efficient updates and patches, minimizing downtime and disruption to end-users. This feature, combined with Nerdio’s robust management capabilities, ensures that applications are up-to-date and secure.
  3. Simplified Management: The integration simplifies application and infrastructure management by providing a unified interface through Nerdio’s centralized management console. Administrators can easily manage application layers, virtual desktops, and servers from a single pane of glass, enhancing efficiency and reducing complexity.
  4. Scalability and Cost Optimization: Nerdio’s auto-scaling capabilities, combined with FlexApp One’s lightweight application delivery, enable businesses to scale their infrastructure and applications according to demand. This scalability eliminates the need for overprovisioning, and optimizes costs while ensuring high performance.
  5. Enhanced User Experience: By seamlessly integrating FlexApp One and Nerdio, end-users can enjoy a consistent and responsive application experience, regardless of their location or device. The integration ensures that applications are delivered efficiently, resulting in improved productivity and user satisfaction.

To learn more check out this video on our YouTube Channel

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