Liquidware, IGEL and ServiceNow Team Up to Enhance Endpoint Visibility and Performance

Visibility into endpoint metrics and new digital workspace experience management capabilities deliver critical insight to keep work from anywhere productive

Liquidware has teamed up with IGEL and ServiceNow to provide unparalleled visibility and insight into end-user experience. 

Leading the Charge in Digital Workspace Management 

Monitoring the user experience of your virtual desktop environment, regardless if it is Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD), VMware Horizon, Amazon WorkSpaces, Nutanix Frame, etc., is critical to success these days. Knowing the complete end-to-end user experience should not be ignored as you don’t want any blind spots for the entire connection path for end users. 

Liquidware is an IGEL Ready alliance partner and has enabled tight integration and a purpose-built agent called the “Connector ID” embedded within the IGEL OS. To enable monitoring of IGEL OS client sessions, simply go into the Configuration section of the IGEL OS or IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) server console and check the box to enable the Connector ID. Then you enter the hostname of the Stratusphere Hub virtual appliance and that’s it, your user experience metrics will begin flowing into Stratusphere and it will allow for these metrics to be correlated with the virtual desktop sessions to get comprehensive end-to-end user experience metrics. 

Here are the main features from integrating Stratusphere UX with IGEL clients:   

  • Verify IGEL client Meets SLAs: Ensure that the IGEL client is performing to or better than expectations/requirements as determined by the organization or organizational business unit. 
  • Correlating IGEL Client to Remote System: Determine and correlate the user from the IGEL client to the virtual desktop machine. 
  • View Latency Between IGEL clients and Remote Systems: Determine the amount of latency occurring between the IGEL client and the virtual desktop to assist in troubleshooting. 
  • Verify IGEL client Performance Before and After Firmware/OS Upgrades: Building a benchmark to ensure the performance of the IGEL client is the same or better after firmware/OS upgrades. 
  • Monitoring Local Networking Performance: Determine WiFi speed, band, protocol, Access Point, signal strength and distance from the IGEL clients as well as connectivity to ISP regardless of client/user location. 

Integrating it all with ServiceNow 

Integrating Stratusphere UX and ServiceNow provides significant IT Service Management (ITSM) and Return on Investment (ROI) benefits. 

“The Stratusphere Base Integration Kit” for ServiceNow enables ServiceNow customers to truly integrate industry leading user experience data from Stratusphere UX directly into ServiceNow. Customers can easily customize their ServiceNow experience to include Stratusphere UX data that is unique to their operations. Organizations that have chosen Stratusphere UX find that the solution helps resolve help desk call up to 90 percent faster than traditional troubleshooting. Likewise, negative trends in user experience can be remedied before they become problems that cause user downtime. 

  • ServiceNow Dashboards and Reports: Users can create application specific performance dashboards as well as complete inventory reports of for applications, hardware, and licenses – both used and unused. 

Here are some of the dashboards that are available: 

  1. Custom Dashboard to display users logged in, users with VoIP issues (Latency/Jitter), users with high virtual desktop latency, and users with high CPU utilization. 
  1. Machine Management Dashboard to display metrics such as last boot time, monitor(s) resolutions machine age, make, model, serial number, CPU, Memory, disk, etc.… 
  1. User Management Dashboard to allow admins to look for specific users in a friendly intuitive way and then be able to drill down into more details about their workspaces including machine information. 
  1. User Details Dashboard to allow admins to drill down and get more details about a specific user, including what machines they are using. 

Interested in more information? Reach out to schedule a demo today. 

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