What’s New in Stratusphere UX 6.1

I’m excited to share some detail about our latest release of Stratusphere UX. Version 6.1 packs a ton of new features, including a new custom dashboard builder, a host of new Advanced Mode Inspectors, SpotCheck views and an all-new process optimization feature.


User experience can be an elusive goal in your end user workspaces. With this release we deliver a solution that continues to lead the market with features to help you quickly resolve issues, minimize risk, save time and money.

Broader Use Case Support Through Visibility

Stratusphere UX 6.1 introduces new dashboard views and a builder. Administrators can easily customize a graphical view of important metrics and information through a collection widgets. The solution ships with more than 10 built-in dashboard views and offers the ability to add and customize views based on your own KPIs and criteria. Interactive dashboard widgets can be easily moved, resized and focused to provide for almost limitless customization.

Watch a short video about the Stratusphere UX Advanced Mode Dashboards.

In addition to the dashboard builder and views, this Stratusphere UX release introduces a series of new Advanced mode inspectors. The process network visibility inspector expands Stratusphere UX’s application and process-level metrics by providing greater visibility to network connectivity, data usage, and latencies associated with process that communicate over the network. For each Windows process active on the network, the feature identifies domain, IP address, port, protocol, throughput, as well as metrics on associated latency while that application or process is communicating with a network or remote entity. Watch a short video on the Stratusphere UX Network Process Inspector.

Stratusphere UX 6.1 also introduces the ability to harvest Microsoft Windows Event Logs. This feature can be easily configured to capture, aggregate and trend specific log event details from Application, System, and Security categories, as well as filter based on Windows severity level (Critical, Error, Warning, Information). Specific Event IDs can be included or excluded, and associated built-in reports can be run and scheduled.

Learn more about the Stratusphere UX Event Log Inspector.

To further extend the Liquidware SpotCheck Methodology, this release includes a new SpotCheck view that employs over 100 grouped metrics and applies smart threshold filters to easily identify problems in the environment. Each SpotCheck metric offers threshold values that can be tailored to provide guidance in form of quick identification of issues. I’ll delve deeper in the SpotCheck views in a future post.

This release also includes visibility for VMware Blast metrics. Adding protocol support for this remote display protocol, Stratusphere UX 6.1 extends session details for Blast on VMware Horizon Agent 7.3 and later.

Process Optimization and More

All new with Stratusphere UX 6.1 is a process optimization feature. It provides an easily managed set-it-and-forget-it option to better manage user experience on sub-optimally-sized machines to enhance productivity and increase desktop density, while optimizing end user experience. The feature works to prioritize the most actively used, in-focus application while non-invasively deprioritizing resources consumed by other applications and background tasks. The feature can be easily enabled with built-in performance profiles on single-user and multi-user Microsoft Windows platforms. All optimization settings can be reported on with a built-in set of process optimization reports.

Additionally, this release includes Bring Your Own License (BYOL) support for Amazon Marketplace and Microsoft Azure. In terms of end-points, this release also increases our support of Apple end points with support for macOS Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.

We’re quite excited about this release, and think you will be too. I’d love to hear about your diagnostic and user experience monitoring blind spots. Write me and share your end user challenges as it relates to meeting expectations and quickly getting to the root cause of challenging issues.

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