Liquidware Labs Kicks Off VMworld 2014

VMworld 2014 has started at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and the first big event is always the Solutions Exchange Welcome Reception. Here all of the vendor booths are open to discuss their latest technology and Liquidware Labs has come out strong, showcasing all of their latest technology. In addition it is fun night for all attendees where food and drink are abundant, as they begin their VMworld experience. Continue reading

Extend Visibility with the Stratusphere API

The Liquidware Labs Stratusphere architecture, including the Stratusphere Hub, Database, Network Station and Connector ID Key gather extremely detailed metrics and information about all aspects of your physical and virtual desktop workspaces. And for those of you that may be employing our architecture for VDI or application publishing, you know this visibility is key to staying on top of resource constraints, identifying rogue users or applications, and just being more proactive about the overall health and optimization of your environment. In short, Stratusphere UX helps you to sleep well at night. Continue reading

Six Ways ProfileUnity’s Application Rights Management Can Help You Now!

Application Rights Management is the ability to allow or deny applications from being executed, delivered, or installed on select users’ Windows physical or virtual desktops and laptops.  images (1)Application Rights Management is new in ProfileUnity v6.0. The solution is somewhat unique in the market by addressing Application Rights Management from within our User Environment Management solution – i.e. there are no additional products to buy/install. Continue reading