Stratusphere UX 5.6.4 Release – Preview Inspectors Overview Tab

In the Stratusphere UX 5.6.4 release you will see a new Overview Tab when you access the Preview Inspectors. This new tab provides the ability to see a number of different Stratusphere UX metric view graphs to give a window into how your desktops and users are performing. Even better this tab is customizable, where you can select a number of different graph groups to zero in specifically to the type of data you are most interested in.

Let’s look closer into the Overview tab. Continue reading

One Flex-IO FREE License, Go Ahead, Boost IOPS in Production Environments! No Limits.

94b3f7763c7ad99e9ece725254217cfa3a7b6484_largeMom always said there is no such thing as a free lunch (see picture).

But there are exceptions to rules so Mom is wrong in this case because what we are offering is truly free. Flex-IO, our easy to deploy IOPS accelerator for VDI, is available for you to download and use in your production VDI environment for FREE. There are no strings attached. This is not a “free demo,” it’s a free license. We encourage you to use it in a production environment. Continue reading

Stratusphere UX Preview Inspectors – How to Quickly Determine a User Performance Issue

Anyone who has been an IT administrator or who has been involved with end-user desktop support has received a call from an end-user saying my desktop is slow, please help. This could be a user in a VDI environment or one with a physical desktop, the request is still the same.

Stratusphere UX captures all of the metrics necessary to analyze and understand your desktop environment and help determine the root cause of these issues. The Preview Inspectors enable you to quickly find the data you need. Continue reading