A Conversation with Liquidware Labs Acceler8 Partner — SITS Group

The SITS Group, based in the North East of England, was formed in March 2008, to solve classic IT infrastructure challenges with innovative virtualisation technology.  The company made a strategic decision to limit the number of partnerships to a select few, in order to maintain a very high level of expertise in these vendor offerings.  The SITS Group is a Liquidware Labs Acceler8 Partner and Center of Excellence, and has standardised on Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity and Stratusphere solutions as best-in-class desktop virtualization software. Continue reading

Stratusphere UX Alerts

Stratusphere UX Alerts

 Stratusphere UX is a monitoring and diagnostic tool that defines and captures a significant amount of desktop and user based metrics and desktop user experience. Its unique UX rating helps identify those desktops and users who and are working well in your environment and those who may have some issues. You can then use Stratusphere UX inspectors and reports to help determine what metrics are at risk to help research the root cause. Continue reading

“I don’t always VDI, but when I do, I VDI with my users under management.”

VDI is not always the answer but when you implement it correctly it CAN lower your OPEX and CAPEX of desktops.dos_equis

When you do choose VDI here are some thoughts to consider before you implement:

1) Properly plan – use a VDI or next desktop planning tool to help you determine who are good candidates for VDI in your organization, what applications are installed, what applications are in use, what is the current performance of legacy desktops and will VDI make for a better desktop?

2) Consider Non-Persistent Desktops – Dramatically lower your storage costs and management costs. Continue reading