Demand Visibility for Your Desktop Transformation Journey: The Only Tip Necessary for Success

SoapboxI’m going to begin this blog with a warning… It’s important that I highlight the fact I may be preaching here—I’m quite passionate about the subject matter, and I believe much of what I’m about to say is aimed at those who are also preaching at you.

Who among you has not seen an article or email with a subject along the lines of, “Top Five VDI Critical Success Factors” or “10 Tips to a VDI Nirvana.” Maybe it’s the circles I run in, but I tend to get a few of these in my inbox each week. Some of them have pretty good nuggets of information. But most are aimed at getting you to look at some exotic, unitasking technology that will cure what ails you. Continue reading

Avoid the Child Seat and Make your Planning Look Effortless with Stratusphere UX

ChildSeatI’m a planner. Just ask my wife. In fact, this character trait has served us well—we have triplets. By way of example, have you ever waited—over an hour—for a table at a kid-friendly restaurant, only to be told there aren’t three child seats available? The calmer side of me chalks this up to a lack of planning. The other side of me … well, that’s not appropriate to convey in writing. Continue reading