FlexApp Layering = Enterprise Optimization Revolution

I was presenting to our sales teams at the Liquidware Sales kick off recently and was fascinated by the following response I received.

“Why wouldn’t you leverage FlexApp in your environment? At this point enterprises have virtualized infrastructure, desktops, networks, and storage but still continue to install applications natively.”

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FlexApp Layering “State of the Union” blog

The recent release of ProfileUnity 6.5 was a significant platform improvement for both ProfileUnity and FlexApp. The commitment to robust integration points between ProfileUnity and the FlexApp layering platform is reflected based on the positive feedback from current and new customers alike.

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10 Cool Things about the New Stratusphere Preview Inspectors – Part I

10 Cool Things about the New Stratusphere Preview Inspectors

With the Stratusphere 5.2.1 release Liquidware Labs is introducing a preview of new Data Analyzing technology which we are very excited.

This new Tab in Stratusphere provides a Preview of new technology being developed, which provide faster and more flexible methods to view and analyze your data. Included are purpose built views, drill downs and optimized queries for data selection.  It is the intention of the new technology preview to enhance your ability to better understand future Stratusphere direction and how it relates to your environment and use cases Continue reading

10 Cool Things about the New Stratusphere Preview Inspectors – Part II

6.     Metric Specific Application Popups  

One of my favorites features of the Preview Inspectors are the Metric Specific Application Popups.  This provides the ability to drill deeper into the applications running for a specific user concerning a specific metric. If a metric has Application Popups available you will see a ‘Pop Out Apps’ tooltip.


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Long Distance Desktops – Branch Office Operations

Almost since the advent of PC use in business, managing growing populations of diverse desktop devices and their connectivity into networks, has been a fundamental challenge to IT staff.    This task has grown in complexity over the years as workers become increasingly mobile and many more of them operate remotely in field or branch operations. The number of branch offices has been estimated to be roughly 11 million, with almost 80% of employees staffing locations other than a primary business campus. Continue reading