FlexApp Layering = Enterprise Optimization Revolution

I was presenting to our sales teams at the Liquidware Sales kick off recently and was fascinated by the following response I received.

“Why wouldn’t you leverage FlexApp in your environment? At this point enterprises have virtualized infrastructure, desktops, networks, and storage but still continue to install applications natively.”

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FlexApp Layering “State of the Union” blog

The recent release of ProfileUnity 6.5 was a significant platform improvement for both ProfileUnity and FlexApp. The commitment to robust integration points between ProfileUnity and the FlexApp layering platform is reflected based on the positive feedback from current and new customers alike.

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Stratusphere UX 5.6.2 Brings Enhanced Excel Exports

With the recent release of Liquidware Labs’ Stratusphere UX version 5.6.2, new enhancements were made to the Preview Inspectors Excel Export functionality. The Preview Inspectors provide a powerful interface to quickly search for and analyze the Stratusphere metric data that you need. With the excel export functionality you can now take that data offline to excel so you can do further analysis or for distribution and archive. Continue reading

The Software Defined Workspace

Back in July last year i tweeted something about the Software Defined Workspace™ – and i guess coined the phrase in the context of what we are up to here at Liquidware Labs. I am in fact a self proclaimed fanboy for SDx (software defined anything) because i have lived, for the past 25 years at least, in a world where just about every problem we faced was solved by HARDWARE. More hardware, faster hardware, cheaper hardware. And the paradox of Moore’s law is that while this worked in solving the performance related issues, wants, need we all had, and our users all had – its unintended consequence was sprawl, and creating a world where scale began to work against us. And it, to this very day, works very hard, Daily in fact, to make our jobs as desktop administrators very very difficult. Continue reading

VMworld 2013 and Liquidware Labs

VMworld 2013 and Liquidware Labs

VMworld 2013 is almost upon us (August 25th to 29th in San Francisco, CA) and I am definitely looking forward to it. It is the 10th anniversary conference for VMware and I expect it to be a great event. I have been to a number of VMworld conferences and I recommend attending if you have the opportunity. Continue reading

Stratusphere UX Workload Ranking

Stratusphere UX Workload Ranking

In the Stratusphere UX Preview Inspectors we introduced a new metric called Workload Ranking. This is an important new metric that can provide an easy look at which users and desktops are consuming the most resources in your environment. What is really nice about it is you can see this without having to review all of the different resource metrics individually. Workload ranking looks at them for you in one overall metric. Continue reading

Stratusphere UX Preview Inspector Graphs

In the Stratusphere UX 5.3 release we introduced new graphs to the Preview Inspectors. These are interactive graphs with a number of different functions and features that I wanted to look at in more detail.

To get started with the new graphs you need to enable viewing for them. When looking at the Preview Inspectors you can enable the the various graphs by clicking the Toggle Graphs icon in the top grey bar.graphs-1 Continue reading