Why are Application Assessments Important?

I have been in the desktop application space for a while and customers often say the same thing when the idea of an “Application Assessment” is suggested. I have heard many reasons not to conduct assessments, “It takes too long”, “I don’t want to pay for an assessment”, “We already pulled an inventory from tool X”, “The guy in IT told me we are all set”, “I sat with this guy on a plane yesterday and he thinks application assessments are useless” and my personal favorite “Our apps are working just fine, so why would we need an assessment?”.

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Demand Visibility for Your Desktop Transformation Journey: The Only Tip Necessary for Success

SoapboxI’m going to begin this blog with a warning… It’s important that I highlight the fact I may be preaching here—I’m quite passionate about the subject matter, and I believe much of what I’m about to say is aimed at those who are also preaching at you.

Who among you has not seen an article or email with a subject along the lines of, “Top Five VDI Critical Success Factors” or “10 Tips to a VDI Nirvana.” Maybe it’s the circles I run in, but I tend to get a few of these in my inbox each week. Some of them have pretty good nuggets of information. But most are aimed at getting you to look at some exotic, unitasking technology that will cure what ails you. Continue reading

Stratusphere FIT: Magic, Science and Starting the VDI Journey

“Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.”

― Arthur C. Clarke

Over years of conversations with IT professionals, I have found widely varying experiences and perceptions as it relates to virtualizing desktop workloads, specifically in the realm of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). There is a broad sophistication or intelligence explosion (see Technological Singularity) that has not yet reached critical mass. This is not a criticism of our intelligence – it is merely my assertion that we have not yet matured from the realm of magic to science. Continue reading