Unleashing the power of Stratusphere UX


Stratusphere™ UX, an advanced user experience monitoring and diagnostics solution, offers a wide array of capabilities that can transform the way enterprises manage their IT environments.
In an exciting upcoming webinar on 20th June, product marketing manager James O’Regan and Stratusphere UX subject matter expert Chris Walker will delve into the top five impactful enterprise use cases that unleash the true power of Stratusphere UX. Whether you’re looking to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, enhance security, or extend the lifecycle of your PCs, this webinar is a can’t-miss event.

Understanding the Full Capabilities of Stratusphere UX

Many organizations may not be fully aware of the extensive capabilities that Stratusphere UX brings to the table. This webinar aims to bridge that knowledge gap and explore the potential of Stratusphere UX across various use cases. James and Chris will provide in-depth insights and practical examples to help you leverage the full potential of this powerful product.

Optimizing Stratusphere UX License Costs

Managing software license costs is a crucial aspect of IT budgeting. Stratusphere UX offers features and functionalities that enable organizations to effectively optimize their license costs. In this webinar, our experts will discuss best practices and strategies to maximize the value of your Stratusphere UX licenses while ensuring optimal performance.

Integrating Stratusphere UX with ServiceNow

Seamless integration with existing IT service management systems is essential for streamlining operations. By integrating Stratusphere UX with ServiceNow, enterprises can leverage the rich data and insights provided by Stratusphere UX to enhance incident management, problem resolution, and overall service delivery.

Extending the PC Lifecycle

Proactively managing and extending the lifespan of PCs can significantly reduce hardware replacement costs. Stratusphere UX equips organizations with the necessary visibility and analytics to identify and address performance issues, bottlenecks, and resource utilization inefficiencies. Another benefit of Stratusphere UX is its ability to help organizations reduce e-waste. By providing valuable information about user behaviour and application usage, Stratusphere UX can help organizations identify areas where they can streamline their IT environment, reduce the number of devices they need, and extend the lifespan of their existing hardware.

Assessing Applications for a migration strategy

Part of any application strategy can be where to start, with Stratusphere UX you can determine and assess the applications installed against what is actually used. With this data, you can determine what applications are necessary for migration. This assessment can save time, effort and licensing costs. Once you have determined the applications for migration, Stratusphere UX can also assess the complexity of the applications to assist in determining the best image strategy.

Enhancing Security Posture

Maintaining a robust security posture is paramount in today’s threat landscape. Stratusphere UX provides valuable visibility into user behavior, application usage, network connectivity, and more. By analyzing this data, enterprises can identify potential security risks, proactively address vulnerabilities, and enforce compliance.

Live Demonstration of the Cutting-Edge User Interface

To conclude the webinar on an exhilarating note, James and Chris will treat attendees to a live demonstration of the new, cutting-edge, user interface (UI) for Stratusphere UX. Experience first-hand how the intuitive UI enhances usability and simplifies the management of your IT environment.


If you’re looking to expand your usage of Stratusphere UX or simply want to discover its full potential, the upcoming webinar is an event you can’t afford to miss.
Join James and Chris as they explore the top five impactful enterprise use cases for unleashing the power of Stratusphere UX!

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