Nerdio Manager and Liquidware FlexApp One – attach virtually any app from Microsoft Azure to AVD

Nerdio Manager provides seamless deployment and management of AVD and Windows 365.

When customers are looking for best of breed application delivery and management for their AVD environments, a proven pairing is Nerdio Manager and Liquidware FlexApp.  A key functionality, that is paramount for any successful deployment of AVD, is access to your users’ applications. But you don’t want to create, manage and continuously update your base image. Read the Nerdio announcement, New Nerdio Integration with Liquidware’s FlexApp One, here.

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise enables organizations to rapidly deploy and manage AVD and Windows 365. Combine that with Liquidware FlexApp, and customers have a high compatibility rating for application deployment. In fact, FlexApp delivers customers over a 90% compatibility for deploying their applications. Deploying those apps via Nerdio Manager decreases management overhead and negates having to include applications in a base image.

Liquidware’s FlexApp One feature enables Nerdio Manager to directly assign and attach the self-contained FlexApp applications that are hosted in Microsoft Azure to AVD workspaces. Because FlexApp One apps are fully portable, they can be assigned by Nerdio Manager directly without the need for any additional agent or management console. Register now for a free webinar where you’ll see a demo and virtually meet the CEOs of Nerdio and Liquidware.

Enterprise sized organizations running AVD may benefit even more from FlexApp as they tend to have numerous applications in many different formats – not only MSIX, but also MSI, EXE, and homegrown custom applications that may even have multiple drivers and services. Windows base image management becomes quite complex in these organizations and FlexApp can easily streamline and greatly reduce the number of base images in those environments by simply attaching applications directly from Microsoft Azure.

Both companies are partners in Microsoft AMMPP (Azure Migrate and Modernize Program). The selective Microsoft program enables organizations and integration partners with access to solutions that have been proven to assist customers in moving to solutions such as Microsoft AVD and Windows 365/Cloud PC.

FlexApp dynamically delivers applications to any Windows desktop environment without affecting the underlying base image or operating system. The solution supports VDI, physical PCs and laptops, and cloud-based workspaces such as Microsoft AVD, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon, Nutanix Frame, and Amazon WorkSpaces. The new FlexApp One feature enables seamless deployments with Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune, VMware Workspace One, Ivanti Workspace Control, Liquit Workspace, any cloud and file share method for online and offline use, and now Nerdio Manager as well!

Nerdio Manager empowers IT professionals to deploy and manage Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 simply and securely.

Customers are always looking to improve their application delivery strategy and the combination of FlexApp and Nerdio Manager delivers significant time, and therefore, cost savings.

To discover more about how these two solutions work together to bring business benefits to our joint customers, join us for a Liquidware “Unplugged” webinar July 21, 2022. CEO of Nerdio Vadim Vladimirskiy will demonstrate Nerdio Manager and FlexApp working in unison. Vadim will be joined by Jason E. Smith, VP Alliances and Product Marketing Liquidware, Bas van Kaam EMEA Field CTO, Nerdio and David Bieneman, CEO, Liquidware.

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