App Packaging Automated! – FastPackaging just got Faster!

This week we launched FlexApp Packaging Automation. The head turning news about our FlexApp One GA announcement is still fresh on everyone’s minds and our development team has already done it again – made news by creating new innovation in the app layering market.

FlexApp Packaging Automation, another Liquidware Innovation.

Our existing FlexApp packaging console has long been noticed by industry gurus as the easiest way to create a FlexApp packaging container for layering and portability. It is straightforward and easy to use for a few dozen apps or a consistent flow of a few apps to package at a time. But what about larger enterprises which can easily have hundreds or thousands of apps to package? This is the reason why FlexApp Automated Packaging was born. We’ve seen competitors attempt to automate packaging with scripts but FlexApp leads with innovation with the most automated bulk packaging options available.

FlexApp Automated Packaging provides enterprises with the ability to significantly reduce application packaging and deployment times. It also provides great integration for DevOps by enabling an organization to deliver applications at high velocity. The new feature enables app administrators to use several VMs at once to create unattended FlexApps from virtually any Windows application. Imagine setting up your packaging and then going home for the night, only to return the next morning with hundreds off apps all ready set for testing and deployment as FlexApps.

Continuing on from the recent FlexApp One feature announcement, this further innovation from Liquidware provides the following benefits:

  • Bulk packaging of .EXE, MSI, MSIX etc.
  • Leverages multiple packaging consoles working independently to greatly accelerate packaging
  • Package output is turnkey and ready to distribute via the ProfileUnity console
  • Ideal for integration with DevOps
  • Aids application managers’ workflows by working with major application vendors’ silent install switches

I worked with Jack Smith, one of our talented FlexApp engineers, earlier this week to create a quick feature video to give you an overview and demonstration of the tech. When you get a chance, check it out, you won’t find anything else like it in the industry!

I’ve said it before but it is worth noting again, FlexApp is different, refreshingly different than other app layering approaches. FlexApp makes apps always elastic with the ability to go across Windows OS versions and not need to be repackaged and FlexApp One apps can even go offline! If your organization is not using FlexApp, what are you waiting for? Streamline your base images today, keep apps independent of the OS, deploy apps faster, update them easier – all with innovation you won’t find anywhere else, that’s FlexApp!

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