FlexApp One, Offline Layers?! Yes we did!

Today we announced the General Availability of FlexApp One, a new feature in FlexApp that revolutionizes the way that app layers are made portable and consumed.

FlexApp One untethers FlexApp applications by containerizing them in a self-sufficient executable. Benefits include rapid application deployment through any means, including popular cloud file sharing services, and optional deployment with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager. FlexApp One applications remain elastic and can even go offline to support the increased demand in work from anywhere workforces. That’s right, physical PCs and laptops are supported as long as they are well-managed – unencumbered by multiple software packages installed/uninstalled by users.

Remember, FlexApp and FlexApp One applications are never “installed” to the Windows OS, therefore they don’t degrade the PC, virtual workspace, or Server OS overtime. The result is a clean base image that is easy to maintain and apps that are very easy to deploy and update.

FlexApps attached apps never taint the OS or base image the way traditional software installations do.

Since FlexApp One is a feature benefit of FlexApp, customers that have FlexApp are already eligible to add FlexApp one, just reach out to us and we’ll send you an additional license key.

FlexApp and FlexApp One are compatible with all types of software installations including EXE., MSI, MSIX, App-V and others. FlexApp boasts a 90%+ compatibility rating for apps, much higher than other solutions that claim to simplify app deployment and attachments.

FlexApp is different, VERY different than any other layering or app attachment solution on the market today. If you’ve been disappointed by layering in the past, I’d bet you never used FlexApp. See for yourself in this NEW short feature video below, demo included.

To start your trial today, reach out to us at sales@Liquidware.com. For more information about FlexApp and the new FlexApp One feature, visit our FlexApp web page.

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