IGEL- User Experience Metrics with Stratusphere UX!

With more users than ever connecting with devices enabled with an edge OS like IGEL, it’s important to gather user experience metrics of this “First Mile” of connectivity.

Monitoring the user experience of your virtual desktop environment (Citrix, VMware, Amazon WorkSpaces, Nutanix XiFrame, etc) is nearly mandatory these days but knowing the complete end-to-end user experience should not be ignored. You don’t want any blind spot for your total connection path for end users. Your desktop UX is only as good as your weakest link so not having performance visibility of any edge OS and connections could be the downfall of your overall user experience. Many things may impact users’ session including their local network or WiFi access point performance, local hardware, resources, etc.

Liquidware has an alliance with IGEL which has enabled us to integrate a purpose-built agent called the “Connector ID” within the IGEL Edge OS. To monitor your IGEL Edge OS user sessions you simply go into the Configuration section of the IGEL OS or management console and check a box to enable the Connector ID. Then you enter the URL of your Stratusphere hub which is a virtual appliance. That’s it, your user experience metrics will start flowing into Stratusphere and you can co-relate these with your virtual desktop sessions to get comprehensive end-to-end user experience metrics.


Select capabilities of Stratusphere UX running on IGEL OS include:

• Verify IGEL client user experience meets organization SLAs (i.e., performing to or better than expectations or requirements.)
• View latency between IGEL OS powered endpoint and remote systems
• Monitor applications & processes ¢ excessive utilization ¢ runaway processes ¢ non-responding applications ¢ rogue processes
• Verify user experience before and after IGEL OS upgrades/changes
• Inventory of users, machines, and applications processes
• Trace the route or the path from the endpoint to the virtual desktop server

For more information see this solution brief or reach out to schedule a demo today.

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