Coronavirus: The Work Remote Reality Hits Home. Are You Ready?

CoronaIn the face of disruptions from Coronavirus (COVID-19), many organizations are asking their employees to work from home or be prepared to do so if there is a local outbreak. For example, Twitter recently announced that it was strongly encouraging it’s employees to work from home (WFH). In addition, many employees that were on business travel or enjoying their vacation/holiday became stranded in locations like Italy, China, and Japan when flights to the USA were canceled.  Many organizations want to be sure that they are prepared for anything. There are ways you can prepare personally and that subject is being covered by our public health organizations. The purpose of this blog is to acknowledge and advise that there are ways you can prepare your business as well.

The fact is that companies that have implemented virtual and remote desktops are better prepared for these situations than those that do not have work from home contingency plans.

In uncertain times like these, your organization needs to ensure you have a business continuity plan in place. The proper plan can ensure that your organization has minimal disruptions and employees have the access they need to do their jobs from home if at all possible.

Many leading desktop delivery leaders such as Liquidware’s alliance partners – Amazon, Citrix, Microsoft, Nutanix, and VMware – can help you deliver a platform for employees to securely work remotely with cloud and virtual desktops and remote app access. But what if you’ve not fully implemented such a strategy?

Liquidware has thousands of customers with the virtual and cloud-based workspace platforms above. We’ve helped these organizations seamlessly on-board and plan for a system that would support the scenarios we’re seeing playing out in the news this week. In fact, Liquidware delivers the only Adaptive Workspace Management suite of solutions that enables any Windows enterprise to have their users seamlessly on-board or switch to a new platform at a moments notice. For example, organizations that leverage Liquidware this week may have physical desktops, if they’ve planned and have a solution such as Amazon WorkSpaces or Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops available, their employees can easily and securely WFH if their job mandates or allows it. When Liquidware solutions are used in tandem with a remote, virtual, or cloud-based desktop, users can be productive with their familiar persona, apps and data in seconds at first logon. Business continuity remains smooth and users have the resources they need to get work done.

If you’re tasked with getting your organization better prepared for business continuity and work remote strategies, you can get started with Liquidware today. We recently prepared the solution brief to outline all the ways we can help!  Liquidware Stratusphere assesses your users and desktops to give you a plan to go forward. Liquidware ProfileUnity gets your users under management by harvesting smart user profiles and invoking policy management that follows the user contextually. Liquidware FlexApp delivers applications across any Windows desktop environment without installing them, apps follow the user from the data center or the cloud, even if they’ve logged onto a new desktop. Finally, Stratusphere UX helps ensure that you’re delivering a quality desktop through advanced monitoring and diagnostics. When used as part of a business continuity strategy, users have zero downtime migrations to new platforms, the apps they need to do their job are readily available and user experience is closely monitored. Don’t delay…get started today with a free download.

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