Windows 7 End-of-Support is NOW! What’s Your Safety Net?


I personally took this picture while on the edge of Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona in 2018. The drop, just three feet from me, was 1,000 feet straight down. You can’t tell it but I was crouching so I would not dare fall…because I did not have a safety net. With a wife and three kids looking on, I had too much to risk! Many others have not been so cautious and have fallen to their death at the exact same spot. But I had a strategy to play it safe.

With Windows 7 end-of-support here (January 14, 2020), what’s your strategy to play it safe with Windows 7? Are you planning on migrating to Windows 10? Do you plan to pay up to $100 a month per desktop to keep using Windows 7? Or are you going to Microsoft WVD so you get extended support for free?

We recently delivered a free webinar that sums up the challenges for those organizations still on Windows 7. We also talk about your options. Time is ticking and you need a safety net if you still have Windows 7 desktops! View the recorded webinar now.


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