When to Use Both Citrix App Layering and Liquidware FlexApp Attached Applications

Lately we’ve had more and more customers that are discovering that Citrix App Layering and Liquidware FlexApp attached application delivery make a great combination.

Citrix App Layering can be used to manage base images in a Citrix environment. The solution also offers a way to layer applications into the OS. The benefits of layering the OS are great for patching and maintaining base images. However, some customers are finding that they’d like their applications to be delivered on a more dynamic basis, simply attached from a VHD, with fast packaging options, and multi-cloud storage features. Some Citrix customers switch entirely over to FlexApp, a Citrix Ready verified solution, for app delivery while others decide to continue to use Citrix App Layering for specific use cases, such as managing and patching the Windows OS. This is where Liquidware FlexApp complements Citrix App Layering, the two are being used together by a number of customers.

Liquidware has large retail and commercial customers that are running Citrix App Layering and FlexApp attached applications together at scale.

When used together as described above, FlexApp Delivery benefits Citrix App Layering customers with the following:

  • Dynamic application attach capabilities across any well-connected and well-managed Windows desktop, including Citrix, Microsoft WVD, VMware, and physical.
  • FastPackaging™ – FlexApp applications can be packaged in virtually the same amount of time it takes to install the application traditionally, there are no long wait times extraneous to the installation of the application.
  • PackageOnce™ – FlexApp application only need to be packaged one time and then can be delivered across any supporting Windows operating system. e.g. Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 Multi-Session.
  • Multi-cloud support- FlexApp applications are stored on flexible VHDs that can be saved directly to object based storage on Microsoft Azure, Amazon, or Google clouds.
  • Flexible application attachment options – FlexApp applications can be attached at any of the following four intervals:
    1. At Machine Boot – Useful for delivery many applications to a large group of users
    2. At Login – Useful for delivering applications on a per user or per group basis or by levering over 244 context aware filter options.
    3. On a Click-to-Layer™ basis – Applications that launch on-demand. Useful for publishing applications or infrequently used applications. A faux shortcut is delivered to the user’s desktop, only when they click on the icon does the application actually attach in seconds.
    4. On a Context Aware basis – Only when certain location/context aware criteria are met does an application attach to the desktop.

You can find more information in the Citrix Ready Marketplace. It’s also easy to trial FlexApp by visiting our download page to get started today.

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