Microsoft AVD GA is Here – How to Hydrate FSLogix User Containers on AVD with Zero Downtime!

Microsoft AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) is now generally available and a robust public preview is well underway. Customers familiar with virtual desktops, such as those running Citrix or VMware, may be early adopters.

Many organizations are asking how they can automatically harvest their existing user environments from Citrix or VMware and automatically hydrate FSLogix profile containers on a Native AVD environment. Still others may be looking at using some of their AVD entitlements, such as Windows 10 Multi-Session OS, in a Citrix or VMware environment hosted on Azure. With Liquidware ProfileUnity, it is easy automatically migrate users from any Windows desktop to Microsoft AVD.

We’ve worked closely with Microsoft AVD as a value added partner to ensure our products fully support the new desktop solution. ProfileUnity is works in tandem with FSLogix and adds the following capabilities to a AVD environment running FSLogix:

  • Seamless “zero downtime” migration by automatically hydrating users’ FSLogix profile containers
  • Cross OS profile compatibility – co-exist the same user profile across other Windows OS versions on other Windows desktops
  • Backup and Restore of FSLogix profile container
    • Crucial for possible Windows profile corruption (NTUSER.DAT)
    • Important if user deletes any portion of their profile
    • Compatible with FSLogix Cloud Cache to add profile rollback and recovery capabilities to FSLogix’s existing easy replication
  • Granular profile excludes and includes – to system/drive root
  • Full UEM (User Environment Management) – policy management beyond GPs, role based access, application whitelist/blacklist, printer management, go beyond the limitations of Azure AD’s groups with 244+ context aware settings

Check out a recent demonstration video we posted here to see a user’s profile instantly transformed from a Windows Server 2016 RDS environment to a Windows 10 Multi-Session OS on AVD. Also, be sure to take a look at Liquidware’s entire Adaptive Workspace Management suite to see how FlexApp attaches applications dynamically to AVD and Stratusphere monitors the User Experience.

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