We’ve Rolled out Liquidware’s Red Carpet for former RES and AppSense Customers!

RedCarpetIf you are a former AppSense or RES customer and are uneasy about changes from your longstanding UEM solution in the wake of acquisitions by Ivanti, consider Liquidware ProfileUnity.

We’ve made it Easy to Switch
We’ve recently on-boarded several large customers with 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000+ user desktops.  We’ve even developed a best practice methodology to get your users switched for minimum or zero downtime. We even have trained AppSense and RES staff to help you with the transition! Furthermore, we now have an additional European office in the Netherlands to service this area.

ProfileUnity has all the options a large enterprise needs including administrative Role-based access and auditing, profile roll-back capabilities, innovations in cloud storage for easy high-availability and seamless moves to DaaS, and more. We have related case studies of others that have switched that we’d be glad to share those with you.

Liquidware has a program where you can switch to Liquidware ProfileUnity for a very attractive offer. In fact, we upgrade many customers to ProfileUnity for about the same their upcoming renewal! Depending on the number of products you’ve been using from AppSense or RES this may vary but the offer is bound to save your organization real money!

We call this the Dare2Compare Ivanti Upgrade program. Once you become a customer of Liquidware you’ll have access to many innovative features and benefits that you did not have in AppSense Environment Manager or RES WorkSpace Manager.

Exclusive Features former AppSense/RES Customers Gain with ProfileUnity:

  • Full UEM capabilities with no required infrastructure – ProfileUnity leverages your existing Windows infrastructure with no dedicated servers required.
  • Cloud native Object-Based storage options for profiles, data, and the hosting of the configuration. This feature can be leveraged for high-availability in on-prem environments or for a move to DaaS.
  • Built-in Application Rights Management – ProfileUnity features Application Restrictions and Privilege Management without the need to buy additional products.
  • Application Layering – ProfileUnity features access to integrated Liquidware FlexApp Layering for a nominal additional cost. Application layering will revolutionize the way you roll out Windows desktops by enabling you to minimize base images.
  • ProfileDisk and Profile Containers – ProfileUnity gives you easy Guided Configuration options for implementing VHD or VMDK ProfileDisks or Profile Containers which makes large profiles like Office 365, Windows Indexing, and Microsoft OneDrive easy to manage and very fast to load. It’s an automated process to roll-out. We introduced this in 2014 so we’ve lead innovation in this area, no scripting is necessary.

We want you to know that, as the independent leading third-party in UEM, you have alternatives, we want your business and Liquidware values its customers and partners! So how do you get your Dare2Compare deal started?  Email us at sales@Liquidware.com and we’ll work with you to get a POC started, show you how to easily convert your UEM data to ProfileUnity and start using new and innovative features from Liquidware today.



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