Industry First! – User Profiles from Object-based Cloud Services. Getting your Users to the Cloud & Ready for DaaS with ProfileUnity. Available Now.

Summary: Today we’ve announced the availability of options to have your user profiles hosted as a service on Object-based Cloud storage (Amazon S3, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure Blob). This industry first innovation is not BETA, it’s available now and only from Liquidware.

DaaS is now inevitable for most enterprises. The value proposition is maturing to the degree that DaaS is now viable for most organizations. Not all desktops will be the right fit for DaaS at first but the early mover desktops that Liquidware is seeing move to DaaS are call centers and task workers. Knowledge workers and power users will follow quickly as the world feels comfortable and DaaS offerings more fully mature. You’ll likely end up a hybrid approach – with some on-prem desktops and some DaaS desktops.

All the major desktop platforms have a DaaS play now including Amazon AWS, Citrix, Google, Microsoft and VMware.

Making the move to DaaS won’t be as big of a leap as you might think either. Most enterprises are already hosting more and more of their IT infrastructure on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.  With this in mind, today we’ve launched ProfileUnity v6.7.6 with the option to have your user profiles hosted as a service on Object-based Cloud storage (Amazon S3, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure Blob).

The functionality relies on API level integration with cloud storage and avoids the use of SMB (Server Message Block) drives which require Windows hosts.  This native approach to providing User Profiles from Object-based cloud services, reduces the cost and complexity of hosting user profiles with built-in high availability and flexibility across Windows OS versions. User profiles can also automatically be harvested to the cloud in the background with zero user downtime.

The new feature also helps organizations make the transition to DaaS desktops when ready. ProfileUnity’s zero transition downtime breaks down a significant barrier to DaaS adoption for large-scale enterprises. Silently, and unattended in the background – ProfileUnity harvests the local settings, documents, and other personal attributes of user state from the current desktop, and writes that natively to the cloud(s).  Now, the Goodwill land-locked on each users’ desktop can be leveraged for seamless productivity in the cloud.

ProfileUnity v6.7.6 also seamlessly saves and syncs user-authored data (my Documents for example) to native cloud storage like Dropbox Business, OneDrive, Amazon WorkDocs, and Google Drive. This data is then available to each user on any device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Profiles and Data can now be saved to the cloud.

Native API integration for cloud storage avoids the cost and complexity of on-premises SMB storage and has you ready for DaaS.

We’re proud to deliver this exclusive new functionality to the industry as we continue to lead the Workspace Environment Management market. We recently delivered a webinar to introduce the technology, you can watch it now here. You can also download and try the new version today here.