Windows 10 to Windows 10 Migrations are Starting, Say What?

Win10to10profileversionsYes, Windows 10 to Windows 10 migrations are now officially a “thing.” Confused? Don’t be, read on…

By several indications, Windows 10 adoption rates are not even at 50% for enterprise sized businesses, and plenty are still running Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 in pockets. However, even as Windows 7 still dominates the market, Windows 10 is still coming on strong.

Some studies are citing higher rates but many of those are just verifying that at least one instance of Windows 10 were running, hardly an accurate measurement.

Your organization may still be strategizing about Windows 7 to 10 migrations but I want to let you in on a poorly kept secret – many enterprises are already struggling with Windows 10 to 10 upgrades! That’s right, Windows 10 to later versions of Windows 10 OS versions are so different that you need to start planning now.

Windows 10 already has as many as three user profiles and more are likely to come. Each time you upgrade your users to the latest version you’ll be facing the reality that you may lose profile data or even user authored data if you don’t plan accordingly. See graphic (above) of the migration challenges with the various profile versions you will soon be facing.

The good news is that Liquidware ProfileUnity already accounts for these changes and can not only get you from Windows 7 to Windows 10 today but can also help ensure any compatible user profile data is automatically transferred when you upgrade to newer versions of Windows 10. If you are wondering about migration issues with Server 2016 there are also similar challenges that can be automatically overcome with ProfileUnity.

Want more details?  Check out this this new solution brief or get even further information in this recently updated White Paper.

Jack Smith, a leading System Engineer for Liquidware that has accomplished numerous profile migrations, and myself, are also hosting a webinar with Virtualization Review on December 5. Make sure you register now because attendance may be limited! 



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