10 FACTS -FlexApp Competitors Don’t Want You to Know!

10factsFlexApp is a leading Windows application layering solution for Citrix, VMware, Amazon WorkSpaces, and well-connected physical environments. Other competitors in this market include Unidesk and App Volumes from VMware. Citrix AppDisk is in this category as well, however Citrix has not treated partners that add value to their platform as competitors. Lately we have seen a printed competitive analysis battle card from one of our FlexApp competitors and it was riddled with falsehoods. To dispel the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), we thought we’d list 10 things that application layering vendors would rather you not know about FlexApp.

  1. FlexApp was first to market with several innovative features including:
    • Truly portable and proven “elastic” type layers that can be applied to any well connected Windows desktop including physical, virtual and go across OS versions.
    • The only layering solution with a scalable and no additional infrastructure required design.
    • Built-in high availability without dedicated servers or expensive load balancers.
    • Micro isolation – technology used to automatically head off application conflicts when applications are packaged separately or have conflicts with a newer OS.
    • Integrated, but optionally licensed, UEM (User Environment Management).
  2. FlexApp layers don’t need to be repackaged for cross OS compatibility, cloud hosting, or mixed platforms (VMware, Citrix, Amazon WorkSpaces, etc.). Depending on the app, most apps work great from Windows 7 and forward environments without being repackaged.
  3. FlexApp scales with your current broker, including Citrix PVS and VMware View brokers, with no need to rip and replace the tried and true.
  4. FlexApp is a mature application layering technology and won its first award when it was first introduced in 2011.
  5. FlexApp is the ONLY application solution with integrated User Environment Management (ProfileUnity) and they have exclusive advantages when used together. You can also license the two separately.
  6. FlexApp is flexible and works with your current solutions. FlexApp has customers in common with AppSense Environment Manager while ProfileUnity has customers in common with Unidesk layering.
  7. FlexApp has a very high compatibility rating with applications, better than 90%.
  8. FlexApp is from Liquidware Labs, a reputable and profitable company that has never taken substantial outside funding.
  9. FlexApp gives administrators the option of layering applications at boot time or login and is compatible with applications that have drivers and services.
  10. FlexApp is optionally part of the Liquidware Labs Essentials suite, the ONLY Workspace Environment Management platform in the industry that includes ProfileUnity UEM and Stratusphere UX. The cost of the entire suite is a fraction of other standalone application layering, UEM, and UX monitoring solutions.


    FlexApp Architecture- any broker, leverages existing infrastructure.

If you’ve tried the competition and are left longing for more, try FlexApp today. It’s the ONLY solution that easily scales without additional infrastructure, has always featured an “elastic” design, and is available with or without our leading Liquidware Labs Essentials Workspace Environment Management platform.

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