Any Windows Desktop is a fit for ProfileUnity & FlexApp – Physical, Virtual, RDSH, Windows 7, 8.x, 10, Server 2003/08/12/16, etc.

Liquidware Labs is known for virtual workspace environment management but did you know that all of our solutions (Stratusphere, ProfileUnity, and FlexApp) run on physical desktops too?  As a matter of fact, ProfileUnity got its start in 2005 exclusively managing physical desktops. The first customer was Blimpie International, the sandwich company. While other big name brand organizations soon followed in those early years, including Worley Parsons, Genworth Financial, and the University of Sydney, it became apparent that the problems of User Environment Management had been further accentuated by the world of virtual desktops and customers’ desire to delivery stateless pooled non-persistent desktops. However, our dedication to supporting persistent and physical desktops has remained central to our development. Even our FlexApp layered applications run seamlessly on well-connected physical desktops.


Today we have many customers that leverage ProfileUnity to enable users to seamlessly login to physical desktops or virtual desktops. Once such customer is Mountain States Health Alliance with over 12,000 users. Eight-thousand of those users’ desktops are Citrix XenApp based while the other 4,000 are physical.

ProfileUnity is the “tie that binds” profiles and user data across mixed operating system versions and delivery methods for many organizations today.  Take a quick look at the screen shot above of all of the mixed OS environments, physical, virtual, and DaaS environments that we support out of the box. If you don’t see one listed we can easily help you customize a ProfileUnity configuration for your environment.

No matter what Windows desktop or OS version your organization is running, ProfileUnity can help “unify” all things that make up the user environment and as a result, end the migration cycle for end users moving to later Microsoft operating systems or to virtual desktops. It is extremely easy to get started, we’ve done all the work for you with a Guided Configuration that will have your proof of concept up and running in often less than one hour.

Get started now by downloading the full featured trial version. 


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