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They say you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. In the world of desktop computing, that first impression is cast during the machine boot and login process. And despite how optimized your desktop image, virtual infrastructure or workspace delivery platform may be, you will still catch a beating if users have to wait—even 30 seconds longer than expected.

cloud-login-analysis-headerRegardless of whether that delay is caused by a legitimate login issue, poorly performing DNS, sickly storage, Active Directory problems, network latency, GPO garbage, it really doesn’t matter. If your end user’s login expectations are not met, it must be the fault of that newly installed virtual desktop infrastructure. Unfair. Yes. But who said IT was fair?

Enter the Liquidware Labs Cloud Login Analysis Tool

Gaining visibility into all areas of the machine boot and login process can be challenging; especially when next-generation desktop delivery approaches are employed. That’s why we could not be more excited about the availability of the Liquidware Labs Cloud Login Analysis tool. This free cloud-based analysis is available now, for Microsoft versions of Windows 7 and above.

The report will provide machine boot and login visibility for both physical PCs and virtually-delivered workspaces. Simply install our extremely lightweight agent and we’ll begin collecting details on your Windows-based machine. cloud-login-analysis-sample-report.jpgWe’ll capture detailed boot and login information and present it in steps such as Group Policy, Domain Controller timing details, client extensions, user profile, theme and network restore times. Additionally, Microsoft-reported abnormalities as well machine and operating system information will also be included in your report.

You can take a look at a Login Analysis report sample here.

Get Started Now

Before you cast a poor first impression, take a moment to understand where you stand with the Liquidware Labs Cloud Login Analysis tool. It’s free. It’s easy, and what is there to lose … other than the opportunity to cut some time off of your machine boot and login process.

Jump on over to the Cloud Login Analysis page and learn more about how we can help you gain insight and visibility into machine boot and login process details and information.

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