FlexApp Layering Support of Physical Desktops makes Windows 10 a Great Time to Get Started!

If you missed it, Application Layering support for physical desktops was introduced when the latest version of Liquidware Labs FlexApp was released in October of last year.

In a nutshell, FlexApp Layering is designed to keep base image management low across any Windows desktop. You start with a base image and instead of mucking up traditional software installation, you layer them. The operating system “thinks” the applications are there, therefore other applications interact well and applications with drivers and services are supported seamlessly.


Windows 10 is a great time to get started with Application Layering on physical desktops.

In the case of FlexApp Layering on physical desktops you start out with a “well-managed” network connected machine, in other words, a clean base OS image. You then leverage FlexApp to layer applications instead of installing applications. The benefit is that the base image remains clean, very easy to update, and applications can be managed as separate layers, not something that is embedded in the Windows OS. As of this week, FlexApp supports Windows 10 as well!

You may already know how ProfileUnity and FlexApp add benefits to virtual desktop environments but the movement of your organization to Windows 10 is a great opportunity to do things right with your physical desktops too. When you think about your Windows 10 roll-out strategy for 2016, you’ll have a chance to start fresh. That fresh start makes it a perfect time to think about how easy it would be to only manage a basic OS image of Windows 10 and allow FlexApp and ProfileUnity’s User Environment Management features to do the rest.

ProfileUnity with FlexApp brings a lot of the benefits of virtualization to physical desktops without the need to go virtual. Benefits include the ability to streamline and lower the overall costs of managing desktops through centralized user environment management and application layering while lowering your desktop management costs.

Download and read the latest FlexApp Whitepapers, including a new FAQ, here and plan on getting started anew in 2016 with ProfileUnity, FlexApp, and Windows 10.

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