Securing Windows Desktops with ProfileUnity is Easy

ProfileUnity is known as a leader in User Environment Management but did you know that ProfileUnity also includes features that secure Windows desktops?

Locked PCProfileUnity runs with Admin Privileges when it configures a user’s Windows desktop environment. This is a nearly exclusive capability in the industry, with only one other UEM provider able to do the same. You may be asking “Why is that a big deal?” It’s a very big deal because ProfileUnity can manage Standard Windows users as if it were the Administrator itself. Other solutions may only run in the user space and therefore Standard Users can effectively undo any policy or file setting with the change of a Registry Key or file edit. With this great power in mind let’s look at all the ways ProfileUnity can secure a Windows desktop:

Lockdown Windows: Do you need to restrict certain parts of Windows from users? Perhaps you don’t want them to have access to the Control Panel, modify the Task Bar, Install Applications from USB, Store via USB, set Themes, etc. It’s easy with ProfileUnity and you can even make the lockdown attributes Context-Aware with ProfileUnity Filters to help enforce compliance compliance standards for your organization. ProfileUnity can set security via HKLM level Registry Keys. Standard Users can’t change HKLM keys therefore your desktops remain secure. Here is a knowledge base on how easy it is. We’ve even included a ProfileUnity Configuration Template.

Application Restrictions: Is there an application in your base image or that’s been layered to your environment that you’d like to restrict certain users from running? Perhaps it is an application on a Citrix XenApp or Microsoft RDSH server that you don’t want certain users to be able to launch for licensing or productivity reasons. ProfileUnity can easily restrict any application from running with its Application Restrictions feature. You can even make the Restriction Context-Aware with ProfileUnity Filters which can help enforce compliance standards for your organization. Application Restrictions is included with ProfileUnity for no additional cost.

Privilege Elevation: Do you sometimes need to selectively elevate privileges for certain users to run an application, task, or install an application? It’s easy with ProfileUnity’s Privilege Elevation feature. ProfileUnity keeps your environment secure with allowing you to use Standard User credentials as a best practice. You can then elevate select applications, tasks, or installers to run for select users when a Context Aware Filter rings true. ProfileUnity can ensure that only the application allowed is elevated and not child processes. This keeps the environment secure without opening backdoor security holes.

Of course ProfileUnity’s excels at User Environment Management but now you also know that it can be a critical component to keeping your desktops secure too. All of ProfileUnity’s security features can be made Context Aware with over 300 customizable Filters.

If you are not already a ProfileUnity customer you can download and try the solution today. 

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