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If you check in from time to time on what Liquidware Labs is up to, you probably know we just recently released our Enterprise Class Application Layering solution FlexApp. You probably also know that the award winning ProfileUnity 6.5 is replacing legacy, overpriced, and complex User Environment Management strategies and solutions at a rapid rate. You also have probably seen tweets and heard stories about the massive scale Stratusphere UX is achieving inside and across the enterprise.

In fact – when measured by almost every — or any — conceivable metric – (cost, complexity, features, performance, scalability, updates, roadmap, etc.) the Liquidware Labs Essentials Suite (ProfileUnity, FlexApp, and Stratusphere) pummels the competition. We don’t just click a few extra boxes mind you – we set a new standard for our competition.   We are the ONLY company out there who is truly weaving workspace environment management into a solid integrated approach that applies across ALL desktops in an environment.   Who truly wins?  Customers and Partners.

So, when the opportunity came up to collaborate with Nutanix and Citrix, two leaders in the space and our Strategic Alliance partners, we went all in.

Aside from being popular names in end user computing, I wanted to share the non-marketing reason why the three of us have formed such a strong bond. You see, for almost a decade we have had the good fortune to watch end user computing unfold from the front row.   We have seen the evolution from published apps to virtual desktops.    We watched the un-veiling and explosion in popularity of the iPad and a two year panic by enterprise admins until EMM (enterprise mobility management) began to solve problems. We have promoted the ability to isolate applications inside of bubbles and then into layers.   The good news is that all of these developments are propelling the abstraction of all user state (apps, data, profile) and freeing these components from being statically bound to a device. And now, the cloud, Azure, Windows 10 open up new frontiers in productivity for all of us…users, admins, and budgets. Incredible stuff in a very short period of time.

As some of you know, my partner David Bieneman and I, along with all of the team at Liquidware Labs, have been seriously fascinated, not only by the greater “virtualization” space, but  also very specifically in the virtualization of end user computing – a much tougher nut to crack by the way.  Legacy desktop environments by their nature are messy, convoluted places with years and years of accumulated point-in-time technologies that may or may not still be valid.  Virtual desktops represent intensive, dynamic workloads that needs precise server and storage configuration and capacity to work as well as their physical counterparts.

So with that context – when you see something that you know is an exponentially better way for the enterprise to deliver desktop services…your spider sense tingles. What would YOU DO if you could remove the restraints of the past?

Well, you do your full due diligence, you confer with your most trusted customers and partners…and then you place your bets.  We think you should bet on the combination of Liquidware Labs, Citrix and Nutanix to deliver on the vision of next generation desktops.  The combination of hyper-converged infrastructure with cloud resources and services – is dynamic, powerful, and permanent. However, to truly transform the workspace of tomorrow, you better have learned the lessons from the desktops of the past, and the workspaces of today. There has never been a company solely focused on optimizing the user experience, the agility of admins, and the enablement of this mobile-cloud paradigm shift like Citrix. And I don’t think we spend enough time thinking about how they truly dwarf any other players in the market. While there “may” be a few million seats truly in production of competitors’ products – there are over a hundred million seats of Citrix in production. And if you believe, like we do, that Windows is here to stay and that Microsoft and Azure are and will remain the standards which others try to emulate – there is no better investment to make than in technology from their most favored alliance – Citrix. From time to time a feature by feature matrix may show others encroaching – but a fool is someone who knows the PRICE OF EVERYTHING, but the VALUE OF NOTHING.

A relative newcomer to the market, is Nutanix, a company that has a major impact on the end user computing space by reinventing existing technologies and purpose building them out to support next generation desktops.   Nutanix is not just disrupting legacy data center technologies, methods, and best practices…it is enabling brand new ways to think about what is possible in end user computing.

The combination of Citrix, on Nutanix, with Liquidware Labs is not just clever marketing folks – it is the most simple, scalable, agile, affordable, and most rapid time to value you can achieve no matter what other solutions you attempt to combine for delivering workspaces by physical machines, vdi, published apps, cloud, or a hybrid of any of the above.

So…. Do YOU dare to compare the past to your future?  Here are some links to get started…


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