Liquidware Labs on Tour with Nutanix

Hitch hiker on deserted road

Hitch hiker on deserted road

Ahhh….the open road.

There really is nothing like getting out of the office and meeting face to face with with great partners, new and old peers, and of course customers.  Being a small company – when the opportunity arose to join hyper-converged superstar Nutanix on its .Next 100 City Tour – we jumped as high as we could 😉 We will be at a select number of cities – and can’t wait to meet YOU.

We are all at such an awesome “event horizon” these days with the technologies available to fundamentally change how we deliver workspaces to end users. New devices, new services, new clouds, new infrastructure, new hypervisors, new storage options, new operating systems, application delivery models – and of course – Windows10â„¢.

And I say this in a positive way. Never before have the options presented to the modern administrator been more powerful, and perhaps, more daunting. The chance to come to one of 100 Cities to see Nutanix share both their technology and their vision for “invisible” infrastructure is nearly mandatory. We have reached a tipping point I believe – after 22 years in this space – where our human ability to plan, architect, deploy, and manage this “stuff” might be better left in the hands of software. And that’s an OK thing. Let the software replicate, cache, restore, migrate, manage, burst for us – we have businesses to run.

In end user computing – users are volatile, unpredictable, abusive, and demanding. For this reason – among many others – end user computing on Nutanix is something you should strongly consider in an effort to get things to “just work”. Some may have seen my tweets where together Liquidware Labs, Dell, and Nutanix delivered a nearly 55,000 seat VDI implementation – one of the most progressive in the world – based on this premise. Users need to do work, not wait for us to spend years architecting a solution that might work for them.

The good news – is there are People, Products, and Process available now. Our Essentials Suite (ProfileUnity, FlexApp, StratusphereUX) has never been more popular for physical desktops and laptops, XenApp and Published Apps, VDI, DaaS, and interestingly Windows 10 tablets and phones and host of new mobile models.

So whether you are looking at Citrix, Microsoft, Vmware, or other solutions to deliver Windows – make sure the platform, and windows environment management are truly best of breed – and make your life, and budget happy. We hope to see you at one of the Nutanix Next Tour Cities – but if we miss you we are always home at

See you on the open road



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