Citrix and Liquidware Labs Showcase the Alternative to VMware Horizon WEM

imagesCitrix customers and partners looking for the alternative to VMware’s Horizon Workspace Management (WEM) suite need not wait any longer. Tomorrow, Citrix Ready and Liquidware Labs will be showing off the Citrix Ready Verified suite that goes far beyond the offerings of VMware at a fraction of the price.

Liquidware Labs innovated the space that VMware recently entered with their acquisition of App Volumes, Immidio, and their home grown vRealize tool. Liquidware Labs Essentials has long been the market leader with their Essentials workspace management suite. The complete and integrated Essentials suite boasts more than 1500 customers worldwide and includes ProfileUnity User Environment Management, FlexApp Layering, and the standard in virtual desktop User Experience Visibility, Stratusphere UX.

Learn more in a free webinar delivered by Citrix and Liquidware Labs this week. There is only one day left to register so jump on it!

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