ProfileUnity Perfectly Complements Heterogeneous VMware Horizon 6 Platform

VMware upped their game today with the announcement of new features coming in Horizon 6. Perhaps the one feature that may have the biggest impact on the market is the availability of centrally managed RDSH sessions and better performing published applications via RDSH by leveraging new and existing VMware technologies and PCoIP. This obviously heats things up in the competitive market between VMware and Citrix by leveling the playing field, but it also gives customers new flexibility and choices.

With Horizon 6, VMware will now have capabilities to seamlessly deliver applications by View (base image), RDSH, and ThinApp. This promises to truly make for a better application experience for VMware end users and administrators. RDSH adds new flexibilities that will allow organizations to deliver applications by whichever method they deem most efficient and cost effective.

As an Elite VMware Technology Alliance Partner, we’re elated to be playing a vital role for VMware customers by further enhancing the seamless experience for users. Joint VMware and Liquidware Labs customers leverage ProfileUnity to unify all application settings, policies, and apply unique context aware filters across Horizon technologies and any Windows based desktop in the enterprise. Now ProfileUnity will be more important than ever as customers look to seamlessly on-board more users and to provide ongoing enterprise-level user environment management across all Horizon technologies.

Joint customers benefit with a seamless User Environment that enables users to flow to and from any of these application delivery platforms with one profile, context aware policies, and access to user data. Additionally, ProfileUnity provides one unified profile that ends the hassle of desktop migrations for end users and relieves administrators from user migration headaches.

VMware Horizon 6 and ProfileUnity are simply better together and leading integrators like SMP agree, “VMware today announced technology for seamless application access from one management platform. There remains a need for one seamless User Environment that works across any of their vast application delivery methods,” said Brian Roets, End User Computing Practice Lead, for SMP, a leading VMware integrator. “ProfileUnity has been providing this for many of our customers that run a combination of Horizon View, RDSH, and physical desktops. We’ve used the solution to seamlessly co-exist and migrate users from other terminal services platforms. The benefits are numerous and the net result to the end-user is one profile and user environment that works, regardless of delivery method.”

ProfileUnity further augments Horizon View with virtual storage provisioning and management, providing a virtual user data disk that follows the user to every subsequent logon, even in non-persistent desktop environments. ProfileUnity FlexApp technology adds optional application layering that enables both User and Department Installed applications to complement VMware ThinApp and RDSH application delivery methods. ProfileUnity FlexApp virtualizes the location of an application install to virtual storage and instantly re-provisions applications into the users’ desktop environment.

We congratulate VMware on the advancements they announced today with Horizon 6 by delivering one platform that manages and delivery any type of Windows application for optimum user access. A key component necessary to work across all methods of application delivery is full User Environment Management, with one profile to rule them all. ProfileUnity provides the “Tie that Binds” one seamless user environment persona across all Horizon View application delivery methods. ProfileUnity adds significant value to Horizon 6 by working across all applications delivered including Horizon View image based applications, RDSH, ThinApp, Mirage, and Citrix.

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