EUC Application Solutions Review: Application Virtualization VS. Application Layering

I think we can all agree that end-users leverage applications while they interface with desktop operating systems. For years we have heard about small, large, fat, thin tall, short desktops in all kinds of colors. We have been told countless ways that users can access, touch, manipulate, and move these desktops, but what is often lost in the shuffle of all the madness, is the importance of the application itself.

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Six Ways ProfileUnity’s Application Rights Management Can Help You Now!

Application Rights Management is the ability to allow or deny applications from being executed, delivered, or installed on select users’ Windows physical or virtual desktops and laptops.  images (1)Application Rights Management is new in ProfileUnity v6.0. The solution is somewhat unique in the market by addressing Application Rights Management from within our User Environment Management solution – i.e. there are no additional products to buy/install. Continue reading