5 Ways Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 are Better with FlexApp!

Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 Cloud PC are sure to gain even further traction in 2023. Liquidware has been a leading Microsoft Alliance partner in Microsoft’s ecosystem since and before the introduction of these virtual and SaaS based solutions. Liquidware FlexApp is an especially great fit for AVD and Cloud PC because you can deploy apps without modifying base images, or even needing to restart user instances.

Here are five reasons Liquidware FlexApp and Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 are better together:

  1. Layering of applications: FlexApp allows for the attached layering of applications within a virtual environment, while AVD allows for the virtualization of the entire desktop environment. Together, these technologies can provide a more flexible way to manage and deliver applications to users.
  2. Improved Application Compatibility: FlexApp allows for applications to be delivered in a layered format, which can improve compatibility between different versions of applications and operating systems. FlexApp is 70% more compatible with Windows applications than MSIX alone.
  3. Centralized Management: Windows 365 Enterprise allows for centralized management and deployment of applications, which can streamline the process of delivering and updating applications to users. Azure AD managed Cloud PCs have simplified remote worker Windows management and Liquidware FlexApp can be 100% Microsoft Intune managed with it’s FlexApp One self-contained application format.
  4. Security and Compliance: Windows 365 offers additional security and compliance features that can be beneficial in a virtualized environment, FlexApp and AVD can help to protect the company’s data and applications from unauthorized access by limiting application access by time of day, location, or any context aware rule.
  5. Increased Flexibility: FlexApp and AVD provide a more flexible way to deliver and manage applications, allowing users to access applications from any device, and providing administrators with the ability to quickly update and deliver new applications to users.

If you are an enterprise Windows administrator you don’t need to stop at five benefits of using Liquidware FlexApp with Microsoft AVD and Windows 365, there are many more! Download your fully functioning trial version and experience the simplicity and ease of deploying and updating apps with FlexApp today.