Citrix and VMware to be Acquired – A Lesson on not having your eggs in one basket.

Mitigate risk. Liquidware keeps your options open, users remain productive, apps never need repackaging.

Citrix is headed toward their acquisition by Vista Equity Partners and Elliott Investment Management “mid-year.” Meanwhile VMware has agreed to be acquired by Broadcom late this year or next year. Let Liquidware be the first to say that VMware and Citrix end user computing platforms have led the market in recent years for a reason. If you are a customer of Citrix or VMware there is no reason to make a rush judgement on changing courses, both Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and VMware Horizon will likely remain solid solutions for some time. While the history of the suitors in these deals may not inspire confidence for continued innovation, they know what they are getting at the platform level and, at least Broadcom for instance, has a good track record for maintaining status quo for their largest enterprise customers.

Still, with all the advancements in end user computing by leaders like Microsoft with AVD and Windows 365, enterprises are asking themselves if it’s time they looked around to make sure they have the right workspace solution for their end users. If you are asking yourself this question, we agree with you. You should always be aware of your options.

Liquidware was founded more than 12 years ago on the premise that enterprise sized organizations needed an ally with solutions and knowledge to help them transform their workspaces. We’ve continued that focus, at first it was transforming them to VDI and RDS based solutions, now it has evolved in to multiple use cases, including full support for physical desktops and laptops and the latest DaaS solutions such as Microsoft AVD and Windows 365. Our customers that have our Digital Workspace Management Suite as their ally during transformations, are equipped to assess the situation, on-board users to a new platform without downtime with ProfileUnity, deliver follow-me applications with FlexApp from the cloud, and ensure the quality of the new platform experience with Stratusphere UX.  

Using Liquidware for your user profiles, application management and user experience monitoring, you have the freedom to leverage multiple Windows delivery platforms now. You’re not stuck managing a single solution. Whether you are switching platforms for cheaper, faster, improved security, more reliable or other reasons, with Liquidware, you can operate both environments simultaneously and securely migrate users to the new platform of your choice with confidence. 

Liquidware solutions also save customers money! At a time where every dollar matters Stratusphere UX has been able to save organizations millions of dollars by extending the lifecycle of their PCs with the Optimizer feature, finding unused software licenses, and by identifying existing hardware that can be reallocated to better use. Likewise, FlexApp saves organizations time and money with streamlined app delivery and simplified base image management, while ProfileUnity keeps user productivity high while keeping endpoints secure.

Liquidware customers were also prepared when the pandemic hit. Many of them were able to burst scale their VDI and DaaS solutions and send their workers home without downtime. Many more Liquidware customers have also switched platforms between Citrix, VMware, and native AVD, seamlessly and with no impact to users. We value our alliances with Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft but we serve our customers’ needs first. If they make a decision to switch platforms, our solutions and our support staff work seamlessly to make it happen.

By using Liquidware’s Digital Workspace Management solutions our customers mitigate risk by not keeping of all their eggs in one workspace basket and neither should you.

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