12 Reasons FlexApp Leads the Market with App Attachment Layering!

FlexApp has been the number one app attachment layering solution for more than 10 years. The innovation continues and it cannot be beat.

Here are 12 FlexApp layering innovations you won’t find anywhere else!

  1. FlexApp One – Self-contained app option that supports laptop use and deployment by any means, including Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace One, and any cloud share. No heavy “player” or agent required.
  2. Packaging Automation – Do you have dozens or hundreds of apps? We’ve automated app packaging. Go home on a Friday, return Monday and your apps are packaged and ready to go!
  3. Compatibility – More than 90% of your apps can be delivered with FlexApp, all while keeping your base images clean and free of Windows rot. Nothing matches it, MSIX alone is estimated to cover only 30% of apps and 30% of your apps attached is not a solution.
  4. Application layering with full user environment management (ProfileUnity) – delivering advanced application delivery options including context awareness, select privilege elevation, application restrictions, registry fix up, and more!
  5. Micro Isolation – no need to stack multiple applications in single layers. Instead, a single layer is created for each application, which allows for ultimate granularity in assigning apps to users, groups and machines. This approach also simplifies updating applications by allowing you to update a single package for a single app rather than dealing with cumbersome multi-app layers. Lastly, this approach provides greater success with packaging and deploying applications, as you no longer need to deal with conflicts manually.
  6. Cloud Native FlexApps – Applications can be stored natively on any major cloud (such as Microsoft Blob storage) without the expense or complications of file shares.
  7. FlexApp Cache Mode – FlexApps cache to the local session for rock-solid performance, regardless of the quality of network connections.
  8. FlexApp Cloud Apps – FlexApp includes prepackaged cloud apps so you can hit the ground running with POCs without packaging.
  9. Disaster Recovery and High Availability – FlexApp includes its own messaging fabric and replication without requiring expensive load balancers and complicated DR plans.
  10. FastPackaging™ – While other app layering solutions can take more than 45 minutes to package even a simple app, FlexApp packaging is a fast process and occurs in about the same time it takes to install the app once!
  11. PackageOnce™ – FlexApp applications work across Windows OS versions (app support required), with no need to repackage applications for OS upgrades!
  12. Session Isolation – Multi-session Windows 10, RDS, and Citrix Virtual Apps are no problem for FlexApp, users only see and use the apps they have access to, even on the same host!

FlexApp is simply the best. If you’ve not tried FlexApp, what are you waiting for? Download ProfileUnity with FlexApp today and you’ll be on your way to efficient app delivery – greatly decreasing your total cost of workspace ownership by streamlining your image management requirements.

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