First in-Person Conference in over a Year, HIMSS 2021 Vegas Trip Report

HIMSS 2021 just wrapped up and we thought we’d share a few thoughts on the conference.

This was the first in-person event that Liquidware has been able to participate in 17 months due to Covid-19 cancelations. We’ve all been personally affected by the pandemic in many ways and we hope you are doing your best to stay safe while continuing to experience life and work. We were excited to have the chance to see the emergence of a bit of normalcy with an in-person conference like HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society). Strict measures were taken by HIMSS to ensure a safe conference including mandatory individual health checks, masks, and more.

Masks off for the Pic.

We exhibited in the IGEL Ready pavilion and would like to thank IGEL for their leadership in “getting out there” and committing to this event in a big way. More than 20,000 people attended the conference in Las Vegas last week, just less than half of the attendance that the 2019 show in Orlando saw. Still, this was a sizeable conference. While foot traffic was noticeably lighter than in previous years due to the impact of Covid-19, we had many great conversations with healthcare IT professionals.

We shared ways that Liquidware solutions have helped with the Work from Anywhere movement and specifically how we have kept many hospitals’ physical, Citrix and VMware Windows workspaces performing flexibly throughout the pandemic. Many were interested in our Liquidware FlexApp layering solution that will soon be extended to support Microsoft Endpoint Manager and offline use cases through a forthcoming FlexApp One feature. We also discussed the emergence of Microsoft AVD, Windows 365 and Cloud PC and how the entire Liquidware Digital Workspace Management suite already supports these platforms today.

IGEL Ready is now one year old!

Several attendees were interested in how Liquidware Stratusphere UX has been extended to provide many additional endpoint device metrics, including Wi-Fi distance and performance checks to IT help desk staff support work from home users. Many attendees were interested to see our seamless support of thin clients and edge OS solutions such as the IGEL OS. Our built-in Stratusphere “Connector ID” agent is the easiest UX solution to deploy if you are an IGEL customer.

LG provided cool new Curved Thin Client monitors for all IGEL Ready Exhibitors. .

If you are interested in repurposing some or all of your PCs to the IGEL Edge OS, you can arrange for a free assessment of your PCs and laptops. We’ll jointly run a background assessment and you’ll have the results in about a week to give you clear next steps on your IGEL Edge OS journey. Engage with us here to get started.


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