Stratusphere UX 6.1.3: What’s New

We’ve recently made Stratusphere UX 6.1.3 generally available. It’s packed with enhancements and features that support the complex and varied challenges experienced in today’s end user workspaces. The release provides enhanced visibility to the critical metrics and information used to evolve the platforms, approaches and strategy supporting end user computing.

Enhancements have been made to dashboards, greater advanced mode inspector visibility, more granular control of the process optimization feature as well as additional client and a cloud licensing option.

Lowering the Barrier to Action

With the release of version 6.1.3, the Stratusphere UX dashboards received enhancements in the areas of performance and ease of use. Across the board, queries to support widget data views have been optimized to provide better responsiveness. Visual indicators have been added, providing component loading progress and status of background data refresh. Other ease of use features have been added to greatly enhance dashboard customization, dashboard searches and the setting of preferences.

Overall the Stratusphere UX dashboards have received updates that make it easier for administrative users to create views that support core areas of focus. For example, dashboard, widget and datasource entities can now be easily customized using “save as” and “duplicate” functionality (see above). This feature also preserves the original out-of-the-box dashboards, widgets, and datasources owned by Liquidware and prevents them from being edited or deleted.

A Focus on Usability

Stratusphere UX also brings greater workspace visibility with this release. Advanced mode inspectors have received enhanced visibility in the area of drill down and the filtering of metrics and information. Throughout the advanced mode inspectors, administrative users can now opt to filter search results as they drill into actionable table views. Context aware menus now appear with options to provide drill down with filtering (see below), pop out application or user 360 views. These options allow for more intelligent data navigation to support troubleshooting as well as better-guided workflows to support help desk use cases.

More Intelligent Process Optimization and More

Greater control and more granular management options were added to the Stratusphere UX 6.1.3 process optimization feature. Process optimization was originally introduced to Stratusphere UX last Fall, and with this release, we’ve optimized its behavior and provided greater control and more intelligence. It’s now more flexible while remaining a powerful value-add for Stratusphere UX. Learn more about Stratusphere UX Process Optimization.

Additionally, version 6.1.3 of Stratusphere UX adds official Connector ID Key support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019. And we’ve recently showcased our ability to support Microsoft Windows 10 Mult-Session and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) both in terms of assessment as well as to provide monitoring and operational support for the platform. Learn more about our use cases and support the Microsoft Windows platform.

This release also provides a native agent for Stratodesk NoTouch OS-based devices. Further, Stratusphere appliances have always supported on-premises installation of its virtual appliances, on all major hypervisor platforms. This release also supports integration and licensing through Amazon Marketplace, in addition to the pre-existing bring-your-own-license (BYOL) available on the Amazon Cloud.

We’re quite excited about Stratusphere UX and think you’ll be too. I’d love to hear about your next generation efforts and where visibility can play a role. Write me and share your end user challenges as it relates to meeting expectations and delivering the optimal user experience.

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